Burpcan Mile

AO: Academy

When: 10/19/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (5): Cookie, Devito, Hollywood, MillerTime, Turbine


Straight into an opening run is about as much warm-up as you get here.

The Thang:

We ran out from Academy and up Milton Ave toward Will Drive (typical corner in the Rubicon Merpee Mile).  Here began our Burpcan Mile … similar to a Merpee Mile, but better.  Burpees at each road “intersection” (definition may have been a bit loose at times).  Start with 1 rep and add an additional rep for each subsequent intersection.  Run around the full loop including Wills Rd and back up Rucker past Rubicon.  25 mercans at each of the speed waves (bumps/humps/flat-tops) on Wills Dr.  We finished with 12 burpees at the last intersection for a total of 78 burpees and 75 mercans.

From there we ran back to the Academy track and picked up a coupon along the way.  We gathered on the track in front of the stadium.  50 reps each of shoulder presses, curls, skull crushers and rows.  After each set, we ran up/down each of the 4 sets of stadium steps.  With all complete, we took our coupons back to their home and ran a loop around the Academy campus.  Total stadium step run count was 16 at this point, so we did one more full set to bring that to a round 20.  We finished with 4 corner round-robin Mary around the parking lot until time.


Convergence this weekend

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