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AO: Starting Line

When: 10/20/2021

QIC: Sirmixalot

PAX (3): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


In the hours leading up to the “incident” (hereafter referred to as the BD) YHC was uncertain who would un-fartsack themselves to join him in the early hours of October, 20th 2021. There were some soft commits and some surgery recoveries and some M care challenges that threatened to nuke all the PAX out of participation.

At approximately 0430 YHC received an alert that caused him to hit the snooze button and snag a few more winks of shut eye. At around 0445 YHC woke up in a rush realizing that there were but minutes to spare to make it to the pre-ruck for which he had HCed.

YHC made the turn into the parking lot right around 0500 and connected with @scriptkiddie for the quick pre-ruck. There was good discussion around challenges with our Ms and 2.0s.

As we rounded the entrance YHC witnessed the glowing tail lights of a suspect car near the area where he and SC had parked which was determined to be @suarez.

Knowing that SC had to bug out before the BD, YHC was relieved to know he would not have to endure the BD without an accomplice.

Finishing up the Pre-ruck and circling back to the vehicles we wished SC well and sent him on his way.

This is when things began to get uncomfortable.


We circled back with a jaunty jog around the big loop to the warm up area. After an abbreviated disclaimer we proceeded to warm up in the following manner:


Weed Picker

Willie Mays Hays

It was then time for the BD.

The Thang:

YHC introduced his accomplice to the “plan”

We would complete one lap around the big loop then return to catch Hurpees…(no not the STD)

We did:

5x Hurpees (Hand release burpees)

10x Lunges (Alpha count)

15x Merkins

20x Squats

Followed by a lap around the big loop again.

We repeated this 3 times. On our lap around after the third repeat YHC asked @Suarez for a number between 1 and 10….He chose 8. This was the number of reps that we would go back and add to each exercise. Suarez said “You should have told me what that was for” – but where is the fun in that – so that meant:

13 Hurpees

18 alpha count lunges

Somehow we got confused and did 28 merkins and 33 squats (all good though)

Then we took a final lap around the big loop and moseyed to a pavilion for some table work.

We did:

15 dips

10 Alpha count step ups

15 derkins

and 10 WWII situps.

for 2 rounds. Then we made another lap around the big loop and finished up with some Mary.

Windshield Wipers, Flutter Kicks, SSH and Copperhead Squats.

After all was said and done YHC has no remorse and contends that the only crime committed today was that there were not more PAX that got to enjoy the BD alongside us.



We both talked about how challenging it is navigating relational issues with regard to finances and such. Good discussion and coffee was had.

We prayed for Ace and his M as they go through the difficulties with her grandfather, we prayed for Janeway’s recovery and SC’s M not feeling well.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I enjoyed today and I doubt I would have had the energy and enthusiasm to complete the BD on my own. Thankful for the fellowship in the gloom of enduring something hard together.

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