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AO: Nirvana

When: 10/16/2021

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (5): Lumbergh, Turbine, Dosido, Stu


Got my first shot behind the wheel at Nirvana, and man, tons of potential at this new AO.  While several mainstays were unavailable this weekend, the five of us enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and a nice, pleasant beatdown.  Or as Lumbergh pointed out “No, that was an Academy BD that transferred schools.”


Mosey over to the Lacrosse field for a quick round of SSH, Weedpickers, and Windmills, then got straight into the action.

The Thang:

Seven of diamonds – At each corner of the field, each PAX performed 7 Bonnie Blairs (alpha) for round 1. Quick mosey b/t the corners.  That was followed by 14 Hand release merkins, 21 Flutterkicks, and 28 squats.  Added a chaser of 15 Absolutions, then we were off to Thang 2.

After a short mosey over to the side parking lot of the Milton High, we performed a Captain Thor.  Starting with 1 BBS/4 American Hammers at the first corner, we went serpentine fashion around the parking lot, building as we went until the final set (10 BBS/40 AMHAM) were complete.

With a little less than half the time remaining, we headed over to the track for what ended up being an abridged version of an Uptown 50. 8 cones were set up 50 meters apart around the track, with a card on each. At every cone, each Pax completed 5 burpees, then proceeded to the next cone.  Method of travel was determined by what the card said.  Simple right? Well, unless it said Burpee Broadjumps, Wheelbarrows, Lt. Dans, etc.  While all Pax performed admirably and with only a hint of grumbling,  YHC misjudged the time and had to take out the burpees half way so we could finish within the hour.  Will definitely be bringing this one back so we can do it properly.



Convergence at Webb Bridge this upcoming Saturday, so Nirvana will be closed.

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