Dinghy’s Halloween BD of Terror Trilogy – Part 1, The Fartsack Slasher

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/18/2021

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (10): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Birdie, Decaff, Jetson, Maguire, Saint2O, Stickers, None


With 13 days ’til Halloween, it’s time to gird our loins against spooky things that go bump in the night, as well as spooky practices that put “baby bumps” on our mid-sections. The weather’s cooler, so fartsacking is SOOOOO much easier – and that’s when the Fartsack Slasher make’s his return, killing the first F, which then kills the second and third F. He’s a crafty one, the Slasher…..but 10 brave pax stood up to him this morning and said, “No, you shan’t slash our first F, Mr. Farstsack Slasher! We’re here! It’s clear! We’re fit! Get used to it!”


12 Weed Pickers (slow pace)

15 Windmills

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Moroccan Nightclubs

Short mosey (1/3 mile) to the Creepy Coupon Cemetary for our fight with the Fartsack Slasher…

The Thang:

Simple (but not easy) up/down ladder format.

5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 reps done with the following exercises:


Bent rows

Front Raises

Stiff leg deadlifts

25 yard out and back with coupon, Zamperini overhead carry, stop midway for Coupon Curls (same rep format as the other exercises)

Plank for the 6

Once completed, mosey back to the flag for Dry Humps: Carolina Dry Docks paired with Monkey Humpers, 2 Monkey Humpers for every 1 Carolina Dry Dock. Started at 1 Drydock/2 Monkey Humpers and worked our way to 10/20

Slightly less than 5 minutes of Mary: Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumpers, Rosalitas, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury(s), and Crunchy Frogs


Ensured that all PAX are aware of the upcoming convergence at the Widowmaker at 6:30 on the 23rd.

Prayers up this morning for the overall health of present Pax and our F3 Brothers and families, as well as travel mercies for YHC as he heads north for a couple of days of bid-ness.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

There’s something about this time of year that YHC loves – maybe it’s the crispness of the air, that we’re in the throes of college football season, or that Halloween is on the way. Regardless, there are many reasons that the Fartsack Slasher makes his appearance more often at this time of the year, and it’s up to us to hold each other accountable to keep him from his dastardly deeds:  ruining our hard-won gains in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

As always, an absolute priviledge to lead this morning.  As an added bonus, here’s the playlist….

Theme to the movie Halloween (John Carpenter)

Bark At the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)

Dragula (Rob Zombie)

Insane in the Brain – Radio Version (Cypress Hill)

Gotham’s Reckoning (Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer)

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath, performed by Bruce Dickinson)

Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J, performed by 5-Finger Death Punch)

Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack – Little Nell)

Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath, performed by White Zombie)

Bodies (Drowning Pool)

Goodbye (Apparat)

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