Co-Q with Bearpees and a Merkin Mile – for 5-way!!

AO: Grindstone

When: 10/18/2021

QIC: emeril

PAX (11): Crab Cake, emeril, Goldberg, Ha-ha, Inseam, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, Whiz


Today had 5-way on the Q schedule, and as he continues to recover from Covid, we made this a Co-Q with Emeril and Valley Girl, dedicated to 5-way…looking forward to getting him back ITG!

The morning was also a bit chilly, so it felt especially good getting out there and feeling the brisk air!


Emeril and YHC did a little preplanning on Sunday to make sure we weren’t overdoing any particular exercises or muscle groups. He took the first half, and he said no running except for a little warm up mosey.  Well, after doing some SSH, Weed pickers, WMH, and moroccan night clubs, we moved right into a nice pre-pre run through the park.  YHC was already considering modifying his part of the Q this morning.  But it was all a good warm up for what was to come.

The Thang:

We got to the football field.  Normally on Co-Q workouts, there’s a tendency for the Co-Q’s to try and outdo each other to take the honor that morning.

THANG 1: Emeril introduced Bearpee’s.  Bearcrawl 5 yards, do a burpee, and continue adding a burpee each stop.  A couple things happened…First it was modified to 10 yard bearcrawls, since our CPA @Inseam figured that it might end up being somewhere around 3500 burpees by the time we finished.  That was a little high, but the change to 10 yards made it more “bear”able.  The 2nd thing that happened…around the 20 yd line YHC conceded the honor to Emeril for harder Q.  Bearpees just straight suck, and I just didn’t have it in me to do that to my fellow pax in the latter half of the Q.
THANG 2: YHC called for a Mosey to the parking lot where we have a route that’s roughly 400 meters. 4 laps were in order, with 15 merkins and 15 reverse crunches prior to each lap. A version of the Merkin mile with some abs thrown in. Finished off with some Rosalita Wips.



Prayers out to @Spitvalves family, who lost a 96 yr old grandmother this weekend. Also out to Dad’s with daughters in the teen years!

Did some 6th man also with Goldberg being the chosen one.  It was good to hear a little more about him and his family and how he got his F3 name.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Whiz called for doing Co-Q’s more often, and I agree, it makes it interesting and fun. Shout out to Emeril for Q partnering this morning.

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