Murpee Mile and Field Trip!

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/14/2021

QIC: Caffey

PAX (14): Caffey, Cart Path, Cookie, Devito, False Start, FannyPack, Focker, Lefty, Lil Hurt, lum-Boo-rgh, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Special K, Trebek


I decided a little field trip was in order for this Q. I originally considered going to Peanut Hill, but MT provided in passing a good alternative of heading to Academy, so a plan was formulated.

We ran through the disclaimer and I had everyone partner up with someone who would keep them accountable throughout the BD. If the partner saw you with bad form, they could call you out and you would have to start over. Then we were off to the races.


The warm up was short and sweet, as I knew we needed most of the time for our trip. Some weed pickers (without coming up to make sure we really stretched those hamstrings), SSH, toy soldiers, arm circles, and COVIDs.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Murpee Mile

We took off from Rubicon across the street to Wills drive where the Mercans and Burpees began. Alternating between 10 Mercans and 5 burpees we made our way down the road stopping at each speed hump, plus some other locations for Mercans and Burpees. I heard of a warning, but think everyone was lock tight in their form along the way. We ran down Milton Avenue until we reached the Front parking lot of Academy where we finished off with one more set of Mercans and a final set of Burpees before reaching the Academy track.


Thang 2

With access to such a great stadium (which still give me nightmares from my high school football days on these exact stadium stairs) I decided some rounds of stadiums were in order. We went up the stadiums as described below, and came down normal. The stadium options were as follows:

bunny hop up

both toes tapping each stair up

skipping a step up

Standard going up

sideways going up (leading with right leg)

Started out with backwards going up but realized that was an injury waiting to happen and called an audible to standard going up.


Thang 3

The final Thang was a DORA 1-2-3. I had to call another audible (I heard Lefty say I called more audibles during this BD than Peyton Manning called at the line of scrimmage :joy:) since the sprinklers were on so more stadium steps. One partner running up the stadium steps while the other exercises, sharing the reps below.


100 big boys

200 Mercans

300 squats


Knowing that we had to make the trip back to Rubicon, we ended without finishing the squats and made the trek back to Rubicon on wobbly legs.


The fast guys finished with some Mary as the 6 rolled in right as the clock stuck 6:15.


We had some praises this morning with Cookie’s Uncle and Cart Path’s wife. We also had a prayer request for Groundhog’s daughter who is having eye surgery today.

Lots of great events coming up with the Convergence and a 5k for the NLB guys.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had an awesome TNT brought by Trebek where he discussed focusing on one thing and celebrating those wins.

Love this group of guys, and truly enjoy the opportunity to lead on occasion. More field trips in the near future and maybe even some bear crawls up and down stadium stairs (thanks for the idea Cart Path)!

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