World Burpee Day!

AO: Firehouse

When: 10/12/2021

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (8): Buckeye, Lifelock, Lightweight, Napalm, Script Kiddie, Suarez, Zuckerberg, Deja Vue


The day that the PAX had been dreading had finally arrived, it was World Burpee day and I had been looking forward to this for awhile, which made some of the PAX a bit nervous, even to the point that we had two HCs change to SC then change to fartsacking, but we will not mention any names (Dunshire & Benny).  Also I think Zuckerberg showed up unaware of what today was.
So needless to say expectations were high on the level of “enjoyment”, that would be  shared, so I did not want to disappoint.

I got there for a quick tour of the fields so a bit of pre-run was in order and settled in on one of the lower fields since it seemed pretty clear and ready for the festivities to come.

At that point we had 2 more HCs change to not going to make it, SirMixalot stated he was not feeling well but hoped to make it to Starting Line tomorrow and one other PAX stated that they would not be able to make it, man, I keep loosing PAX and this thing had not even started,  Really is everyone expecting it to be that bad.

Finally a glimmer of hope that I would not be alone, Napalm showed up in true marine form ready to embrace what ever was to come than DejaVue and Lightweight and his crew showed up, along with the return of Buckeye after his triumphant completion of his triathlon, and with that it was time to mosey.

We started the tunes with the NFL on Fox intro music to set the tone and the mosey was begun.


We headed down the hill and stopped in front of the lower fields in the parking lot, then time for the warm up
Moroccan Night club
I think some of the PAX forgot how to count since some of the numbers did not seem to add up, that one is on me, since apparently, for today, going above 10 seemed to throw some PAX off, ok a bit snarky there I know.  Also near the end of the warm up Suarez arrived, apparently the curiosity of the day overrode his desire to fartsack, thanks for joining in.

With that it was time to begin the burpee celebration

The Thang:

I stated a while ago that I would add in the burpee apocalypses to my Q, and I had done a modified version before but today was the day to do it right
So we did 11 burpees, paused for about 5 seconds then did 10 burpees, repeated until we got to 1 burpee,
Total of 66 burpees so far

Time to move to the field
This one is in honor of Starting Line and the fact that when a member of the Elliot family wins a NASCAR event a siren is sounded in Dawsonville near the Starting Line AO
Do 20 of each exercise with a run in the middle for R
I – Imperial Walkers (Alpha Count)
R – Run to midfield, and then across the field and back
E  – E2K (Elbows to Knees)- Alpha count
N – Nolan Ryan (10 for each arm)
After that more burpees
Run to midfield to 5 wolverines then back
Once back 5 Hugh Jackmans
Not 100% sure we came up with the Hugh Jackman but thanks to the HIM that did!

Variety is the spice of life right?  and with that in mind, it was time to show  a few other fun forms of burpees
Run to mid field, along the sidelines do 5 BDE Burpees ( Burpee with alpha count Bonnie Blair and a Jump Squat at the end)
Run to the other side of the field 5 Merkin Jack burpees( a burpee with a merkin jack at the begining then a second merkin, and then up)
Run back to the side we started  5 Around the world burpees, which I renamed to Flapjack burpees in honor of Suarez and his love of flap jacks(Down, do a merkin then in high plank flip/roll to the side and do another merkin, and then back up)
Run to the corner that we started at and do 5 Kraken burpees (Burpee with 3 hand released merkins and then back up)
With that and showing the PAX 6 total burpee variants (including the Wolverine and the Hugh Jackman from the previous thang)  Thang3 was done

Since we started with Thang1 and something in honor of Starting Line AO, I wanted to end the field work with something honoring the Firehouse so it was time to do a Fire drill
Have the PAX circle up and then start doing high knees until one PAX yells fire then you stop drop do a merkin and roll into a merkin, rollback and up, we did that till all the PAX yelled out Fire!

At that point it was time to Mosey back to the flagpole and finish off with a quick ring of fire
I was thinking of doing bear crawl ring of fire but some of the PAX convinced me to simply do a standard ring of Fire to end my portion of the BD

Suarez called out Windshield wipers
Lifelock called American Hammers
At that point time was almost up, but we had just enough time to celebrate burpees again by doing 12 burpees in honor of October 12th World burpee day.
And with that time was up, and doing the math the HIM that showed up had done 108 burpees/variants, for the day, Awesome job! to the brave men that decided to join the celebration of all things burpee

Thanks to all the HIM that came even though some of the PAX were heard, after the BD stating that they could have stayed home but they came anyway and I found out, lifelock stated, last night,that World Burpee day would be ok as long as SK did not have the Q.
They all did a great job, around of TClaps to all the HIM that made it.


Count and nameOrama was done

6th man was Deja vu so we got to know him a bit better, thanks for sharing

Pray request
For the students taking the PSAT, Thursday
Friends/Family dealing with COVID
For SKs family do to the loss of a pet
I did not mention it but ask for pray for the PAX that are injured
Also the PAX traveling that they would stay safe too

Convergence on October 23rd at Web Bridge Park
And that Starting Line will be closed on that day to allow PAX to attend the convergence.

Prayer/Ball of Men

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Picture was taken

Coffeeteria – it was short today due to PAX needing to get home to help the Ms and to get the  2.0s to school.

Thankful I was able to head to Firehouse and lead one more time, this year. Since my M has been so busy with her real-estate, I have not been able to post at Firehouse and this will most likely be one of the last times I get to take a Q at the AO that started me on the F3 journey, so thankful for all the men that have been part of this journey, and am excited to continue the growth at Starting Line in Dawsonville, all PAX are invited to come on Wednesday or Saturday.




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