Not Alone Today!!

AO: Academy

When: 10/12/2021

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (2): No-See-Um, Turbine


YHC:  “I thought I might be all alone this am”.

Turbine: “I can head over across town if you want?”

YHC: “No sir, I need you right here with me”


YHC was afraid after the last minute grabbing of the Q and the lack of HC’s/chatter the night before that he might be all by himself. But Turbine came through and was there to support his fellow F3 brother!


Disclaimer given and we were quickly off.



No warm-ups here as this is ACADEMY!!  Unless you count a quick stop at the corner of Canton St. and Milton Ave. for a set of Mucho Chesto.


There was a sighting of some Rubicon pre-runners as Lumbergh, Caffey and Lefty said a hello as they marveled at our form 🙂



The Thang:

Mosey to the parking deck for the following:
Merkins/Am Hammers/Squats – 20 at first level, 15 at second – 10 at third – 5 at top
Wall Sits for approx. 40 count then Bear Crawl 30 yards & 25 Shoulder Taps & Crawl Bear back.
Down to turf field by Chiringa for Four Corners with Escalator (run in between):
5 Burpees/10 Bonnie Blair’s/15 Big Boys/20 SSH
*No stacking Turbine… trying to kill me 🙂
Reverse back down escalator!
11’s at Jekyll stairs Flutters/Lunges….this was a tough one and not sure what YHC was thinking. Thank goodness for Turbine and his energizer bunny legs, he got me through it with the way he was moving up and down those stairs!
Back to stadium for:
One Lap/Stadium & 5 Burpees/10 Crunchy Frogs/15 Monkey Humpers
X3 rounds
Once again, Turbine smoked YHC but gave me the motivation to get it going. Almost time but just enough for a mosey back to the parking lot for one more set of Mucho Chesto and some Dolly’s that seemed to last Foorrr-Evverrrr.


Prayers for YHC’s M and 2.0 traveling tonight back home from Seattle.



October 23 – F3 Alpha Convergance @ Widowmaker – 6:30 am start.



Naked-Man Moleskin:


Great day to set that alarm, take that DRP and post. Not going to lie…YHC saw the chatter of “closing down Academy” b/c of no Q and really thought of not responding and doing the easy thing. The ‘easy thing’ being just post at Rubicon or Atlas or Norseman and sleep a little extra. Academy is a full hour with a 5:15 am start for those that don’t know, haha.

And after all, YHC did have a few libations on Monday while watching the Braves win game 3 of the NLDS. However, didn’t want to let down anyone that might be planning to post and glad I did.


Thanks Turbine for posting as well and being there…..would have been a major suck-fest to go at it alone!

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