The Tour of Badapple

AO: Badapple

When: 10/11/2021

QIC: Chalupa

PAX (8): goat, No-See-Um, Ollie, Rusty, Snax, Sprocket, Turbine


Columbus Day Holiday fun. Normal time and good weather!!


Side Straddle Hop, Weed Pickers,  and Hillbillys to get things going. Plank position, right arm up, back to middle and left arm up. We then slow moseyed around the parking lot for 1 lap then backwards for the 2nd…..

The Thang:

Our coupon for the morning beatdown was a cinder. We started off with alternating one arm Merkins with the cinder single count up to 10. Next with toes on the cinder, we did alternating shoulder taps, double count, up to 10. We followed that up with 10 decline Merkins.


Time to go on the mile tour of Badapple. As we moseyed up the trail our first stop was the pull-up bar station. There, we split up in 2 groups. Group 1 did wall sits while the other half of group 1 did 15 dips. They alternated while Group 2 did 2 sets of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats.


The Groups rotated

Next- went a short ways down the trail to sit up station. While the group was doing LBC’s, the pax took turns doing 10 Big Boys on the station. After each pax completed the 10 reps, we moved on down the trail for more sites on the Badapple trail.

Next we made our way and stopped at the hill. (mayne we need a special name for this hill…?)

Group 1 ran down the hill forward and then backwards back up while group 2 did burpies!


The Groups rotated

Next, we made our way back on the trail and made our way to the winding incline where we lunged up and around and then continued our 1 mile mosey back to the start.

Once returned, back to work with our coupon for the morning.

Reps of 10 we did curls, skull crushers, overhead press, squats and rows

Rinse and repeat…..

We were coming to the end of our Tour of fun but needed 1 more lap around the parking lot, a bear crawl through the parking lot and a 1/2 lap back to our start.

To finish up, a pax called out an exercise that the group had to do while he ran the circle. We got through 4 exercises and then the 45 minutes of fun ended…..







Ollie mentioned something about trying to post something about something but only gets a dark screen so no post yet….. I must have still been in recovery mode from kicking my own ass with the Q!!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sprocket mentioned Chelsea and his continued recovery and rehab from his battle with Covid.

Prayers for him and his family!!

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