No Burpee, Birthday Beatdown

AO: Widowmaker

When: 10/09/2021


PAX (10): Speedo, Ha Ha, Iceman, Dreamer, Birdie, YouTube, Skippy, Zohan, Funyun


What do Winnie Cooper, Judge Judy and Benjamin Netanyahu have in common?


Beatdown started with short mosey followed by SSHs, copperhead squats, arm circles and covids. Then the fun started…

The Thang:

The majority of the workout centered around trivia related to October 21 or 1975…as the run around the park progressed, stops were made to answer trivia questions. Each wrong answer along the way resulted in two Bobby Hurleys. First stop included 21 squats (and Bobby Hurleys for not knowing the run of Judge Judy’s show). Second stop included 21 squats, followed by 21 merkins. By the final stop, Pax were completing 21 each of: squats, merkins, 21-second plank, Peter Parkers, overhead claps, Imperial walkers and monkey humpers…all while getting some Cliff Clavin-style fun facts related to those born on October 21 or in 1975. To complete the workout, we used the spokes from the concession stand for some needed core work. Pax ran down each spoke and Bernie’d back-up with a toll of 5 SSHs. Exercises down each spoke were American hammers, LBCs, shoulder taps and gas pumpers. Beatdown concluded with a short Mr. Wilson (in honor of Morphine).


Shirts are now available for pre-order, so check Slack channel for details. An October 23 convergence will take place at the Widowmaker beginning at 6:30. Some volunteers may be needed to help with setup, etc. Thoughts and prayers for Milli Vanilli’s family as they deal with some tough times ahead.

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