fulton fall break at Nirvana

AO: Nirvana

When: 10/09/2021

QIC: Dosido

PAX (6): caffey, top hat, nacho libre, special k, pass interference, dosido


After a short and sweet disclaimer, we mosey’d off in the direction of the Milton Xcountry trail head, about half-way there we stopped for a short and sweet warmup of SSH, and slow weed pickers. As 5/6 of us were already warm from pre bd activities, that was good enough in my book, and special k agreed. Let’s get to it.

The Thang:

1) Arriving at the trail head, i explained we were about to embark on a merkan mile, kinda. we were gonna run over a mile, and do some merkans, so that’s what I’m calling it. Along the outside path of slightly over a mile, we stopped at 5 locations for first 50 merkans, next stop was 40 merkans, etc. until we emerged victoriously atop the stadium. Some PAX were introduced to our Widowmaker hill on the trail system; sucky? yes, but surely not akin to WM hill really.

2) Next, we setup the cinders i had parked near the gate entrance to the stadium/track. Grab a partner, and prepare for a musical dora where 1 PAX stays for a list of cinder exercises, whilst the other must venture up and touch the TOP row of seats in the stadium, then return and switch out. The exercises at the cinder continued for the duration of the song, no counting needed! eh hem. The song list was 34mins long, plenty of time for several agonizing trips up to the top row, and the exercise list when you got back wasn’t much of a relief either, so all in all we were definitely gassin it all the way, to which I’m proud of our group for completing! load the cinders back in the vehicle, grab your crap, and mosey back to the flag where it literally turned 0800 as the last of us hit the flag.


What a solid effort today by everyone. I love this AO and all the opportunity we can utilize here.
Prayers were mentioned, and we lifted them to the Lord.
I cant wait to bring this one back for a larger group in the future

dosi out –

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