That’s not how this works, Foley

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/08/2021

QIC: aflac

PAX (11): Backside, Donor, Foley, Hamburglar, Juul, Meltdown, Sell-out, Switch, Tubbs, YaoMing


YHC brought some lower-body destruction on Monday, so it seemed appropriate to book-end the week by destroying the upper-body on Friday.  Truth be told, he offered to fill an empty Q sheet the evening prior with said offering.  This proposition was met with a response from our site Q (Tubbs) who stated that he’d take the Q if he ended up posting.  As it turns out, showing up 10 seconds late results in a DQ.


Slow mosey up the road toward the large parking lot for the following warm-ups:

  • Hillbilly’s
  • Slow Merkins
  • Abe Vigoda’s

The Thang:

To kick things off, Q led PAX toward the football field for a modified round of Apple Turnover.  Instructions were given as follows:

  • Bear-crawl 10 yards, then perform 10 Merkins.
  • Crab-walk 10 yards, then perform 9 Merkins.
  • Repeato the above pattern until reaching the far goal-line.

Too much mumble-chatter for Q’s taste, so he directed PAX to perform the same back the original goal-line with increasing reps (what goes down, must go up).  This resulted in the majority of PAX opting to lunge-walk instead, much to Q’s chagrin.

Next up, head to the stadium for some more mucho-chesto as follows:

  • 10 incline merkins on the first step.
  • 9 incline merkins on the second step.
  • Repeato until reaching the top.

Once again, what goes up, must come down:

  • 10 decline merkins on the top step.
  • 9 decline merkins on the next step.
  • Repeato until reaching the bottom.

Once the six was in, Q directed all PAX to perform 30 dips OYO before moving on.

With 20min remaining, Q led PAX to the playground and directed them to fetch a coupon en-route for some quick muscle-concentration work.  After splitting the PAX into 2 groups, instructions were given as follows:

  • Group 1 would perform 20 overhead press while group 2 did shrugs with the picnic tables.
  • Swap positions and perform the same.
  • Rinse/repeat for 4 rounds.

Next up:

  • Group 1 would perform 20 curls while group 2 did 5 pull-ups.
  • Swap positions and perform the same.
  • Rinse/repeat for 3 rounds.

Now, Q instructed all pax performing pull-ups to “hang” onto the bar while waiting for the opposing group to finish.  Not sure if PAX were hard of hearing, but Q observed some very lax performances at this stage.

With about 10min remaining, head back to the flag for a final round of Jack Webbs (1:4 Merkins:Overhead press, up to 10:40).  Lotta PAX bowing out at this point, saved by the bell just as we hit the final round.


AFLAC out.

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