F3 Big Creek – Some card tricks & a tour de pavilions

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/06/2021

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (16): Baskins, Benny, Crab Cake, Deuce, Deuce, Dumpster, emeril, Goldberg, Inseam, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, DeJa Vu also present but not in database


For my 2nd Q, I was feeling more comfortable, however I definitely made a couple rookie mistakes today so I’m looking forward to joining the Firehouse crew tomorrow for some additional Q school training!


We ran to the lot by the field and warmed up with some Weed pickers, SSH, Willie Mays Hays,  backward lunges, and Moroccan night club.

The Thang:

Thang 1: It was up to the soccer field for a game of “Pax pick the card” from the F3 card deck. YHC went down the line and had a pax pick a card, so all the blame wouldn’t go on YHC. But before proceeding with each exercise listed below, we ran to midfield, did 3 burpees, then Nur’d back. (ran backwards).

14 Heels to Heaven
13 Wojo Squats
14 Carolina Dry docks
25 Plank Jacks
18 backward lunges
25 Smurf Jacks
12 WWII situps
13 Chuck Norris Merkens
25 Monkey Humpers (they just aren’t the same without @whiz there)
16 Wide Arm Merkins
Mr. Hand picked a joker, so he chose 25 American Hammers, alpha count

For Thang 2, we mosey’ d over to the open area with the pavilions, for a “tour de pavilion”.  Three pavilions, three exercises, and running 100-150 yards in between.
Rookie mistake #1 : After leading pax to pavilion 1, in my excitement I started barking directions, not realizing a few pax were behind the group not there yet. After proposing the group take off and start while I briefed the remaining pax, Deuce rightfully advised we wait and go together. Thanks Deuce for the learning moment!

25 Dips at pavilion 2
25 bench squats at pavilion 3
15 Derkins back at pavilion 1

Rinse and repeat.  After the 2nd set of dips, the rain really started coming down at the 42 minute mark, so it was a mosey back to the flag.  Finished off with box cutters in the parking lot in the heavy rain, a great way to finish.

Rookie mistake #2: after the first set of dips, YHC takes off up the hill to the path, not realizing the path ran right in front of the pavilion. A big group of Q Jackman’s took off the other way while YHC ran into the darkness with a couple of sorry pax behind me.  We quickly caught up with the group going in the right direction.  Blaming it on my poor night vision.


Great reminder from @emeril on embracing discomfort, having the discipline to push back on all the comforts we have every day and growing from being uncomfortable!

Thoughts are with Benny as he transitions to another career.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thankful for the opportunity and trust to lead a Q again.  Loving every minute of it, and can’t wait until the next one.  Big thanks to @5 way, who introduced me to F3 several months ago and it has become a big part of every week.

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