Embrace the Soggy

AO: Academy

When: 10/05/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (3): Cookie, Mayhem


Roughly 1 mile run around the Academy campus and the neighboring block.  Thank goodness for the steady rain to keep us cool.

The Thang:

We started on the track.  Sets of 50 reps, 40, 30, 20 then 10.  Exercises were squats, crunchy frogs, mercans and mountain climbers.  Run a lap around the track after each lap.  With all complete we ran over to the parking deck.  Running up we stopped at each turn for 5 burpees.  Stop before going back in the rain on the top deck?  Nope, not here.  Run back down stopping for 10 lunges each turn.  Back up with 15 shoulder taps on the turns.  Once more down with 20 LBC’s per turn.  Back to the track for one last all you got left 400m sprint.  Mayhem took off like a rocket leaving Cookie and I in the dust.  Round robin Mary for the last couple minutes.


Prayers for Mayhem’s brother in law.

Praise for the support and the guys who came out for the Burpees 4 Autism event.

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