Wait… Where is the Rain?

AO: Badapple

When: 10/04/2021

QIC: Caffey

PAX (7): Caffey, Ollie, Outhouse, Pass Interference, Rusty, Snax, Zima


With the call for moderate to heavy rain in the forecast, I was excited to set the mood by getting everyone totally drenched starting with burpees in the rain. Sadly, the meteorologists were wrong again and I had to modify on the fly. As a side note, does anyone know how I can get into the meteorology field? I feel like it may be the only job where you can be wrong 75% or more of the time and still keep your job (and even be celebrated for being “occasionally” correct). Anyways, I digress.


We started with a quick mosey up near the baseball fields where we circled up for the Warm-o-Rama. The following were in our list of warm up exercises:

  • SSH
  • Toy Soldier
  • Weed picker
  • Forward arm circles
  • Backward arm circles

The Thang:

Thang 1: Morning Call

We moseyed over to the pull up bars for some morning call. 2 PAX doing 10 pullups (counting out loud) as the remaining PAX are doing Mercans on their count. Two rounds for each PAX. This proved to be super difficult for me, and showed a weakness that I need to be focusing on to improve my pullup ability. After we were done with two rounds we moseyed over to the bottom of the big hill for Thang 2.

Thang 2: DORAish

Grab a partner and a coupon (to share) at the bottom of the big hill. It was time to get a little wet and dirty, and luckily Outhouse took my pre-BD advice and brought a towel to dry off after as I believe I heard him say “I’m soaked all the way through my shorts.”

Like a DORA, we were sharing reps and one partner was doing the exercise while the other was running up the hill and doing 5 burpees. The exercises and reps are below (all exercises with the coupon):

  • 75 Big Ole Boys (big boys with a coupon)
  • 100 Thrusters
  • 150 Curls
  • 200 Skull Crushers
  • 250 Squats

Thang 3: Doomsday Clock

With some time remaining, I figured we would do a doomsday clock. Start in a circle and each PAX does a Mercan one after the other while holding the plank until failure. Count keeps going up until all PAX fail. PAX who fail before the end do lunges or LBCs. It came down to PI and Rusty, and Rusty pulled it out in the end even doing a few extra after all other PAX had failed. Super impressed with Rusty’s grit and desire to continue pushing as he beat all other PAX with a vest on!

Finished with Mary

We had 5 minutes left so we finished with the following:

  • Flutter kicks
  • SSH
  • Box cutters
  • American Hammers (Outhouse: “Will you stop already?!?!”) and
  • Freddie Mercury


We had some prayer and praise requests this morning:

  • Prayers for GOAT
  • Prayers for my M
  • Praise for Outhouse and his family getting to spend a great week serving at Lighthouse Family Retreat
  • Praise the Outhouse’s Mother In Law was able to make it in to the US and gets to see them and
  • Prayers for Outhouse’s upcoming trip to Israel

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Such a pleasure leading this group of HIM this morning. It was fun and tough, and now I need a nap. Until the next time!

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