WESTCOT takeover

AO: WESTCOTfka Nirvana

When: 10/02/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (13): Caffey, Dosido, Gilligan, Lefty, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, No-See-Um, PitStop, Pumba, Skids, Special K, Stroller, TopHat


I was thrilled about having my first Q at Nirvana. When I noticed it lined up with the 50th anniversary of Disney World I had to bring my name suggestion of WESTCOT.

A simple idea that quickly escalated as I went down a rabbit hole of Disney/Epcot history that I had to share.

A strong 7 came out for a pre ruck (including Pitstop who had to run after) and 3 start the prerun with Nacho sprinting to get caught up.

Top Hat comes through with the Epcot soundtrack to get things going.


I don my Maleficent ears and welcome the group to WESTCOT. Mosey over to the flag pole for SSH, IW, WP and endless arm circles as we  mumble chatter and a redisclaimer for those catching up.

The Thang:

We head over where I stashed my board with the main BD. (see picture)

This is a suicide escalator starting with a short mosey for 10 Wide arm mercans, return to start and then mosey for 10 Wide Mercans then mosey for 20 E2K, and so on adding an exercise and 10 reps each round up to 70 The LBCs

I offered the chance to cut the reps in half if anyone could tell me the price of a ticket to EPCOT on day 1. ($15) but nobody got it. (That was an illusion anyways, we would have just gone back down the escalator)

As we start to annoy the kids trying to concentrate on the SAT we move on to a nearby rock pile.

Circle up with a coupon. Call for 30 reps  of various lifts but will half it if they answer my trivia correctly based on info I shared throughout the week. Mostly nailed it including Noseeum remembering my drink choice of El Diablo Marg. A miss on the original rides still operating. I also introduce the Mickey Mouse mercan.

That is 1 rep equals:

Wide Arm Mercan, Diamond Mercan, Wide Arm Mercan (WDW)

Back to the flag for some rounds of Mary.


Come watch us do burpees tomorrow

Convergence at Widowmaker Oct 23



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to the men of Nirvana for letting me do my mini takeover and share my Disney obsession. And so, I will put everything back to Nirvana until next year…

Always a pleasure to lead.

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