Fun at King’s field

AO: Widowmaker

When: 10/02/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (9): Cox, DREAMER, Funyun, Ha-ha, NRA, Speedo, YouTube, Zohan, Skippe


Yesterday YHC was asked to grab the Q, which I never mind doing. Digged up some stuff from the past and hoped for the best.



The plan was to mosey down the trails to the widowmaker, but one pax who pre rucked was still at a pitstop, so YHC called the pax to run a loop around the soccer field. Some followed, others took too seriously the ‘modify as necessary’ disclaimer and stayed behind waiting, which wasn’t necessary. After some serious admonishing we run up and down the stairs and THEN headed toward to trails and the Widowmaker. Along the way we stopped for the 6 with some SSH and squats.

At the top of the Widowmaker we did weed pickers and hill billies and continued down to King’s field.

All in all we got a mile of a warmup.

The Thang:

Took a coupon from the rock pile for 11s of shoulder presses and BBSU at the other side of field (running the width not length of it). At the end YHC felt the need to demonstrate proper form of a full sit up.

Second set of 11s included skull crushers and merkins, but double counts (20-2, 18-4…). Funyon started to sing his love songs to zohan again, bringing tears to my eyes.

Third set of triple counts wonder bra and lbcs was skipped due to the time and we continued to the 4th round of Curls and single American Hammers, x4. Who could have guessed that 40 curls followed by 36, 32 etc would suck?? Fortunately YHC got to call halt before we could finish, though some pax were devastated by the news and wanted to continue.

We moseyes back up the Widowmaker and to the flag, where we finished strong with 50 IC LBCs.


Prayers for healing, physical emotional and mental were mostly asked.

Convergence on the 23rd!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you for trusting me to lead today. It’s always an honor and a pleasure.

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