Embrace the suck

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/02/2021

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


The night before the original QIC, had a change of plans, and asked me to cover for him, which after a minute or few of pondering, a plan had formed to bring a Q that was a bit different than any of my previous Qs, and TClaps to my Cherokee brother that gave me the idea to add in a bit of quarter pounder fun to the mix (thank you mouth-2-mouth).  I finalized the plans literally minutes before I headed out the door for the pre-ruck.
SirMixalot was there ready to go, and after a quick planting of the flag it was time to start rucking it, SirMixalot took the lead on the ruck and took us to a new area that has much potential for a ruck Q, that I am looking forward to once the full plan gets set in his mind, for sure!
Once back to the AO, I got a text saying that Suarez was on his way ready to lead the fun, but my cones had been set and I really wanted to share the evil, I mean fun, stuff that was in my head, Also side note part of this Q was something I planned last week but due to cooler temps and a wet field I had to rethink last weeks plans, more on that later.
Suarez arrived right at 7 and once I got the tunes set it was time to mosey


I have really enjoyed not going to the same warm-up spot and this morning Suarez made a comment about the fact we moseyed to the parking area near the football field and not our normal spot, it is the simple things in life that makes me happy sometimes.
Disclaimer, peer lead, not professional, blah blah blah,  don’t sue us and push your self
Copperhead Squats

On to the field work and the Thangs

The Thang:

During the pre-ruck SirMixalot and I had hit the field and setup the cones to get ready for 2 thangs, I had planned so with that…. Thang1

Quarter Pounder!
On the Football field, Sprint to the 25 yards and Do 25 merkins, Run backwards to Goal And Sprint to the 50 and do 50 squats, Backwards to Goal Line sprint to the 75 and do 75 Mountain Climbers, Run backwards to the goal line and sprint to the hundred and do 100 SSH. Once done we ran back to the other goal line and did 10 BDE burpees.
Thang1 was done

I have labeled this Field of Screams, for now since there were screams, ok mumblechatter on the definition of a sadist and a masochist, and other statements on the level of enjoyment they were experiencing, also the field was still wet and apparently recently mowed so there was grass clipping all over the field and by the end ALL over us, and I do mean all over us, yicks.

Start at Goal line
Bear Crawl to 20
5 WW2 5 Squats 5Merkins
Run to other Goal back to 20

Crab walk to 40
10 LBCs 10 Lunges(Alpha) 10 Shoulder taps
Run to other Goal back 40
*Flapjack Burpees to 60
15 BBS 15 Bonnie Blairs 15 Plank Jacks
Run to other Goal back 60
Crawl Bear to 80
10Vups 10 Reverse Lunges(Alpha) 10 Nolan Ryans-each
Run to other Goal back 80
80 5 Y-ups 5 Jump Squats 5 Merkin Jacks
Bernie Sanders to Goal
Celebrate with 10 kraken burpees
*A flapjack burpee, named in honor of Suarez, and his love of all things flapjacks is a burpee where you drop complete a merkin then basically do a side roll over from the plank postion and do another merkin, than back up, that is one

SirMixalot wisely stated that we should stay off the grass for the rest of the BD, in hopes of drying off and shedding a pound or 2 of grass clippings, dew and other things that had attached to our clothes and bodies, so….

11s on the stairs
WW2 situps at the bottom. raven merkins at the landing than 10 squats at the top
3 raven merkins on the landing coming down the stairs
We completed a few rounds then we called it by doing 1 last round of 10 WW2 situps than 10 Squats at the top, and on to a quick round O’ Mary

SirMixalot called out WW2 setups, and we did 20 OYO
Suarez called out Windshield wipers to end the BD

Well done and I really wanted to take advantage of having 2 HIM, that were willing to take on any challenge to test out some ideas that had been in my head and they seemed to work out well, thanks to SirMixalot and Suarez for truly embracing the suck that was this morning’s BD.


Name and Count done

Convergence coming up, location not set yet
Wednesday BDs are officially part of Starting line (530AM-615AM)

Pray request
For Suarez and his M, to recover from back issues and helped for them as they navigate all things related to  school and work and family
SirMixalot for his 2.0 and help them navigate the issues of social media, inappropriate text and wisdom in all things related to both
for Janeway and all the other PAX that are dealing with sickens
Guidance and wisdom for SK(me) as work situations are getting to the point that it may be time for a career change

Ball of men and prayer than on to pic an coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had great conversations and even had a grounds keeper of the park join in the conversation and gave us his impassioned view of current events, Suarez shared about his recent trip.  Even though we had just 3 PAX, the morning was full of things to get excited about, and to look forward to as this site grows and improves with High Impact Men like Suarez, Sir Mixalot and others that were not able to make it this morning.
I encourage anyone that can to come out and see what Starting Line is all about, hope to SYITG soon

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