Call The Cops: a humble VQ story

AO: Big Creek

When: 09/29/2021

QIC: Goldberg

PAX (19): BagBoy, Baskins, Chinstrap, cingular, Crab Cake, Deuce, Deuce, Dumpster, emeril, Goldberg, Hushpuppy, Inseam, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, Deja Vu


YHC got the keys to the AO for his VQ. I arrived to prep for the upcoming BD, only to find like 15 cars (aka ambitious PAX) pre-running in the dark. Thank goodness for the headlamps or I would have pulled out my shank to protect myself from potential ambush.


Right on queue the Spotify playlist was launched (90s/early 2000s hip hop of course) and we mosey’d to the usual spot for the disclaimer and a warmup: SSH, Moroccan Nightclubs, Copperhead Squats, and Willie Mays Hays. Little did I know that my watch called Emergency Services during one of the warmups….more on that later!

Each PAX grabbed a medium coupon and mosey’d to the center of the football field around the corner. Anything schmedium and lesser required a 10 burpee penalty. Thankfully, no penalty enforcements this time around…

The Thang:

The Thang #1: Four “Corners” à la Goldberg
Coupons stay in the middle of the field. Start here.

  • Run to side 1: 10 V-Ups
  • Run back to midfield: 10 Thrusters with your coupon
  • Run to side 2: 5 Shoulder-Tap Burpees
  • Run back to midfield: 10 Thrusters with your coupon
  • Run to side 3: 10 Freddie Mercurys 
  • Run back to midfield: 10 Thrusters with your coupon
  • Run to corner 4: 5 Mountain Climber Burpees

Count off 1-4…each number starts at a different side. Move clockwise. Keep going until Q calls time.

Halfway through Thang 1, I hear the PAX mumblechatter’ing about a FOCO Po-Po that showed up. Uh oh – either he needs to shut us down or wants to accelerate his fitness. Either way, I walk over – explain that there was likely a SOS accident mis-dial somewhere in the last 15 minutes during our warm-up. Ticket avoided. Beatdown continues!


The Thang #2: The Burn
At the top of the hour, Q called time to let the PAX recover for 10 seconds before beginning the next wave of pain: AMRAP for 7 minutes of The Burn

  • 5 HR Push ups
  • 5 Air Squats (below parallel, if possible)
  • 5 Big Boy Sit Ups

Keep going and get as many rounds as you can until Q calls time.

The Thang #3: Bring Sally Up
For the final 3 minutes YHC decided to make our legs quiver just a little more. Queued up “Flower” by Moby, broadcasted it on the Jambox and let ‘er rip.

Every time the song says ‘Bring Sally down’ everyone squats down and holds until you hear ‘Bring Sally up.’ Repeat for the duration.


Prayers for all those who passed away recently: Schneider’s coworker, Crab Cake’s friend, F3 PAX up north.

TNT: As you go throughout your week, think about Goals & Standards. Ultimately, goals should become standards in your life. For many of  us, accelerating each morning has become a standard. So, whether it’s eating right, going to bed at the right time, family goals, etc – in the end, let’s develop these habits so consistently that they become standards in our lives and families.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was fun – and certainly appreciated the big turnout. Looking forward to the next one – planning to EH the FOCO Sheriff next go-around. 😉

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