SIRENs were heard and felt

AO: Starting Line

When: 09/25/2021

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Murdock


Got to the site ready to introduce the PAX to my latest BD creation, I had originally labeled the field of screams. But a quick detour to the field, to setup, helped me realized that the field was a bit to wet and due to the temp being right at 50 degrees, a quick recalculation of the days events were done.  I want to push the PAX not get them sick.

So with Sirmixalot and Janeway as part of the pre-ruck we started the trek, around the AO finishing up in time to see Murdock arrive, setting the number to 4 HIM ready to start the morning festivities.

Let the games begin!


We started the mosey and I decided to take another route to end up at the playground and used the monkey bars, then it was time for the disclaimer and warmup

copperhead squats
Moracan night clubs.

Moseyed to our default rally point to start the thangs

The Thang:


My orginal plan had been derailed but I had another thang in mind, just in case this occurred so introducing S.I.R.E.N. – this was created in honor of the siren that sounds every time a member of the Elliot family wins a NASCAR events
S – SSHs (20)
I – Imperial Walkers(Alpha count) – (20)
R – Run (long lap)
E – E2K(Alpha count) – (20)
N – Nolan Ryans (10 each side)

Round 2
S – SSHs (20)
I – Imperial Walkers(Alpha count) – (20)
R – Raven Merkins(10)- 3 parts (1-Wide merkin, 1-Diamond merkin, 1 Ranger merkin)
E – E2K(Alpha count) – (20)
N – Nolan Ryans (10 each side)

Round 3

S – SSHs (20)
I – Imperial Walkers(Alpha count) – (20)
R – Run (long lap)
E – E2K(Alpha count) – (20)
N – Nolan Ryans (10 each side)

The PAX did   great job with this and shout out Janeway that, no matter what gets thrown at him, he just keeps pushing himself and adjusts as needed

The first exercise that was called out was by YHC and I decided to test out one of my new burpee variants…. the merkin jack burpee- a burpee that starts with a merkin jack then a second merkin and up, that would be one
3 Merkin jack burpees
2 Superman variant that was hold superman pose for 10 seconds than do an up and down movement on all 4 limbs which made me truly feel like superman, well superman after about 5 supersized kryptonite martinis
9 lunges (alpha count)
Then Sir Mixalot offered to add in his own thang to the mix, which I was glad/honored to have him help lead the Q and her is his part of the party.

Thang3 (Sir Mixalot’s thang)
Round 1 Merkins, LBCs, Squats.
Round 2 Merkin Jacks, Freddie Mercury, Jump Squats.
Then 7 minutes of Mary

And that ended the BD for the day and each PAX did a great job, and Tclaps to Murdock for the Superman variant and the Crazy 5 Merkin/shoulder tap 4 count thing that seemed easy but  we were all feeling it at the end.  looking forward to more exercises, to add to the Exicon list.  Very nice!!


Count and nameOrama done
6th man (will six-ish there were only 4 PAX there) was Murdock so we got to know him a bit better

Acceleration point was taken by Janeway and was stating that our true strength/victory comes from God and things change when we stop, call out to Him and let Him take the lead.

Prayer for those dealing with COVID and to help us be the leader and we lean on/trust in our skyQ.
Also prayer for Komrad who was not able to make it to the BD, due to a high temperature,

At that point it was time for some Java to complete the BD

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sadly no pic, YHC remembered about 2 minutes after Murdock headed out.


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