Motivation Train


When: 09/23/2021


PAX (16): Speedo, Brownie, Vertigo, Shiner, Scratch-off (Did we decide on a "-" or not?), Firedrill, Motorboat, Spandex, Renegade, Blackbox, TarHeel, Cheneral, IronHead, Strikeout, TheBigShort, DREAMER


Below is the fancy disclaimer I wish I had said instead of the tried and true “Good morning. Can’t sue me, can’t sue the park. Let’s Mosey”. At least I got the fake out “Lets Mosey! Just kidding”

Good morning one and all!

Welcome to your first class experience on the Motivation Train. I will be your Q / Conductor on this journey of joyful pain. As the Maestro of Motivation, today will be the opportunity of the week to put those ridiculous IPC workouts aside for some good old fashion Beatdown fun.


Let the games begin!

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Moroccan night club
  • World’s Greatest Stretch. 10 seconds of silence on each leg
  • QIC called for 1 burpee

The Thang:

QIC instructed the PAX to grab their cinders. “You will be spending some quality time with said cinder for the remainder of this morning’s fun”


  • Grab your cinder. John Cusack / Rifle Carry your cinder to the field. “To the Circle”
  • A the circle, Q informed everyone that the circle was “Home Base”. If you’re at the circle, you’re working with your Cinder. Everyone start with your cinder:
    • 15 Curls
      • Then, run to a corner. Perform 25 Bonnie Blairs
      • Back to the Circle
    • 20 Curls to Press
      • Run to a corner. Perform 25 mountain climbers
      • Back to the Circle
    • 25 Squat to Curl to Press
      • Run to a corner. Perform 25 LBCs
    • 30 Blockies
      • Run to a corner. 25 Leg Raises
      • Back to the Circle
    • 25 Cinder KB Swings
      • Run to a corner. 25 Big Boys
      • Back to the Circle
    • 20 Tricep Extensions / Skull Crushers
      • Run to a corner. 25 Bonnie Blairs
      • Back to the Circle
    • Q called a few plank exercises for the 6.
  • John Cusack to the baseline.


  • Recovery Suicides!
    • Baseline to the Box (aka the 18) and back
    • To the Red Line and back
    • To the Mid line and back
    • To the far 18 and back
    • Far side / Full field and back
      • SSH for the 6


  • Grab your cinder. John Cusack the length of the field and back. Don’t worry about how far / how many lengths of field. Just go till we stop.
  • If you need to rest / lower your cinder, stop where you “quit”, run back to the baseline and perform 20 Merkins and 20 Squats
  • Keep going till Q calls stop
  • Q called “Stop where you are, grab your cinder, back to the baseline”.
    • SSH for the 6

At this point, a member of our knuckle dragger group failed to hear the Q’s instruction and left their cinder on the field. The Q graciously retrieved it for them. The Q reminded everyone to pay close attention to instructions. Thankfully, it was the Q’s cinder so he only humiliated himself.



  • Partner up
  • 1 partner farmer carries both cinders, the other bear crawls.
    • To the 18 (top of the box) and back
  • After 2-3 minutes, Q called “Back to the Flag” for 2 minutes of Mary






Shiner / Vertigo – Ole was involved in a bad car accident. Praying for healing. Currently fighting for his life

Spanex – Chelsea (Tyler) still in the hospital recovering from COVID. Praying for him to go home soon.

Dreamer – Praise the Lord my 2nd daughter’s heart was healthy!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Gents –

What a joy to lead this morning. September has been a hard month for me and my family and I’m so grateful for a family like you guys. A week ago or so I was in tears with my wife expressing thankfulness that I’m lucky enough to have such brothers who have my back. Anyway – way to get after it this morning! Keep your eyes focused on the Lord. He is beautiful and glorious (Is 4:2)

Until next time


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