Challenge Boomerang

AO: Firehouse

When: 09/23/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (7): Ace Ventura, Baskins, Crab Cake, Crumpet, Goldberg, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot


Before jumping into his Montessori-Mom van, YHC was pleasantly shocked to feel the brisk 50 degree crisp air flowing through his long locks.  02:57 on the dot.. time to depart for the long trek up north to visit my FH brothers..

As any good guest Q would do, YHC has been stalking the AO on slack and old backblasts only to find out that… **GASP** there are no mentions of IPC!!!

It then became YHC’s mission to BRING the CHALLENGE to FIREHOUSE.  Elements of IPC ’21 were carefully pieced together topographically overlaid over Wallace Tatum Rd.  Plans sealed, watches synchronized, components assembled – the challenge was ready to be delivered.

What was unexpected, however, was that the challenge was going to come right back in YHC face..only in a deeper, more profound way..


Mosey’d around the parking lot in standard fashion but while PAX started to slow their cadence to land themselves in the normal WoR spot, YHC obliviously went on.  And since he’s the Q – they had to follow.   However, what was meant to be an honest mistake had immeasurable implications… it triggered a Nexus event.

Baskins, after joining all of the PAX for SSH, Weedpickers, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Mornings and Michael Phelps, shot into the MPO (Matt Park Outhouse) to change into his TVA uniform.  Then, coming out of nowhere, Script Kiddie un-FartSacked stumbled in, shirt half tucked in half tucked out, while frantically mumbling something about pruning the timeline.

Sheesh guys.. sorry.. I’ll stop at the normal spot next time.. I promise..

The Thang:

We began our journey on the tennis courts

PAX partnered up for a mini Dora

50 Kraken Burpees [3 hand release merkins ending with a burpee] while partner performs side shuffle suicides on the Tennis Lines for 2 court lengths (move past 2 lines, back 1 line, continue)

100 big boys – while performing suicides facing the alt direction

Then moved on to the hill for 7’s

1 to 4 XFactors to Penguins at the Top of the Hill, BDE Burpees (burpee, Bonnie Blair, squat) at the bottom.  Bernie Sanders as the traveling method.

On to the coupon pile for some arms

Colt 45s curls (15 low to mid, 15 mid to high, 15 low to high)
50 rows
25 skull-crushers
25 OH press

Hop over to the soccer fields for some races

First race up is the Bear Crawl Indian Run Soccer Race which debuted in the Olympic Trial event covered by Tichelle Mafoya and others.  2 Teams each with a soccer ball – end line to end line race.   Ball starts in the front.  As PAX BC, they roll the ball to the PAX behind them until it reaches the last PAX.  That one stands up and soccer dribbles to the front of the line to continue the pattern.

To mix things up, we ran the Crab Walk Backward Indian Run Soccer Race.   Same concept except PAX crab walked and passed the ball on the side of their bodies.  This, as expected, was ugly, sucked, and the passes were just horrible – which is why the event was vetoed by Tike Mirico last summer.

Final Stop – picnic tables for some Picnic Table pull-ups
5 count IC then hold on the 5th
PAX enjoyed 4 reps of this exercise

Back to the flag for Marys
Crab Cakes by Crab Cake
Ranger Merkins by Script Kiddie
Squats by SirMixALot
JLos by Crumpet
WWII Sit-ups by Ace Ventura


Before praying for PAX struggling from sickness or physical ailments, we participated in the tradition of the 6th man.  Though YHC was the 7th he was deemed the 6th where YHC became the focus of the get-to-know-u.  And this is where it boomeranged.

After the standard Q ‘n Ayes, Sir Mix-a-lot piped up with the following ‘What’s your biggest struggle / challenge right now?’   Woah – we were just talking about how yummy crab cakes are.. sup wit that?  Caught off guard, with no time to lie or cover up, YHC shared how the way he behaves at home with his family especially in stressful situations is something that the Sky Q has been whispering to him about.   It got a bit quiet..

Then SMaL proceeded to share his MoC.  His pastor had spoken from James about the power of the tongue and how SMaL had a similar struggle to YHC.  The charge for the group was to bring peace and calm into our homes, even when we encounter the inevitable storm or fire – whether its underserved or not.

This was a Sky Q moment – the answer to a random piercing question during 6th man aligns directly with the MoC.  YHC sought to bring a relevant challenge to the AO with IPC but left with a deeply personal, timely challenge of his own.  Well worth the 2 hour and 3 minute drive.   What is known as Moment of Clarity to some was rebranded as ‘My Own Challenge’ for YHC.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We prayed that the events in the gloom would help us to continue to accelerate for the rest of the day.  Everything about the MoC came into focus on the drive to school today.  Whines were rolling, Tempers full blown.  But thanks to the brothers at Firehouse, YHC was equipped to use the tongue for good, peace, and calm.

6th man, MoC (or TNT down south) will and must continue on.  Carry on Firehouse.. til next time!!!

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