This Bleeping Challenge…

AO: Gladiator

When: 2021-09-21

QIC: Scratch-Off

PAX (18): Black Box, Cheneral, defcon2, Delicious, DREAMER, Hitchcock, Ironhead, Scratch-Off, shiner, Snowbird, Speedo, Tar Heel, Tebow, WickaWicka, Brownie, Scoville, Square (FNG), Credit


Ahh, September. That time of year when the temperature drops, wet weather comes in from the Gulf and Atlantic to either blow through like a muddy toddler through a freshly cleaned room or linger like an unwanted house guest. And mostly, the time we count the number of days until we get to stop watching videos from Greenwood. YHC had this whole disclaimer ready to get some laughs, rally the troops and provide some social commentary on our Beloved, Holy Challenge. But alas, we had a 2.0 and an FNG, so the PAX had to be disclaimed according to the Man's rules. There's too much to say here. If interested, check out the Gladiator slack channel for that substitute disclaimer. At risk of explaining the joke, it's part pregame locker room speech for an underdog, part angsty, rebellious teenager. It's at least PG-13, so try not to clutch your pearls while reading. Vive la revolution.  


Abbreviated: SSH, hill billies, toy soldiers, michael phelps, monkey arms, Moroccan night clubs.

The Thang:

They named it The Wobble. That brought me back to my first exposure to the song in August 2011 in a honkey tonk on the southwest side of Houston. Brief history lesson for ya. Before white people adopted it at weddings with their stiff hips, conservative grandmas, and social distancing, The Wobble was a way to grind with 4 people in 4 different directions in the same song. What a time to be alive. That grandma would be ashamed of what you convinced her to participate in. Tsk, tsk. Annnnyway, here's Greenwood's version of the Wobble. Thankfully, YHC was not asked to grind with any of the PAX in attendance. Every Two Minutes, Run 50 yards (I believe the abbreviation here is ETMOTM, which as you know is an old old wooden ship from the Civil War era).
  • 50 Kraken Burpees
  • 400M run
  • 50 BDE Burpees
  • 800M Run
  • 50 Bonnie Blairs (alpha count)
  • 1200M Run
As always, Brownie toasted us all, finishing in like 9 minutes or something ridiculously fast.


  • Welcome Square! (Please come back)
  • Wicka had some great news, so praise for that and praying that he'll get situated before the end of the year
  • Still lifting up Chelsea. Hang in there, brother, and get home to your family

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All joking aside, I really really love this community. I love that it pushes my limits (and my discs out of alignment). I love that we can come together (sometimes with a common enemy from Tobacco Road). And lastly, I love that I'm occasionally allowed to lead (at least until this is posted). Man, that was a really bad job of setting all joking aside. I hope that y'all got a lot out of the BD this morning. It was great being out there with you. One last minute of being an angsty teenager. I'm posting my time from this morning at 5318008, so pray that they read it upside down...preferably on an old calculator.

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