Off-road treads

AO: The Storm

When: 09/18/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (5): Crab Cake, Dumpster, PitStop, Swiper, Valley Girl


Return of the Dumpster from his epic Hiking Trip.

PitStop, rolling in his brand new Jeep, headlocked into posting at this AO to meet AV for a drug-deal but AV was a no-show.  But wait.. AV is the Q…

YHC checks his phone and finds that the hot potato has been passed to him.  6:59 – no time to pass the potato on.   Ut-oh, time to go.



None – time to Ruck

The Thang:

With no plan in mind, YHC creatively replicated what he experienced at the same AO 2 weeks ago.   Problem is, Swiper was present then too..he’d call YHC out for being a copy-cat.   No matter – as they say – lead from 43 feet ahead and figure it out as you go.

Inspired by PS’s newest purchase, we began the journey trail blazing into the future grounds of the Ronald Reagan blvd extension.

The soft freshly moistened gray clay harkened mumble-chatter on moon walking and billionaire space exploits but quickly lead to more grumble-chatter on how dirty our shoes would get.  Chill pill bros, we’re going off road.

At the junction of the RR overpass and the yet-to-be-completed greenway boardwalk we turned right to complete our path back to the starting point.  Dumpster and PitStop shared notes on their mountain journey as the rest of the PAX expressed awe in the journeys these HIMs undertook, while at the same time committing quietly to themselves that they would never, ever do anything remotely close to it.  PitStop then declared ‘if you ever want to know what it feels like, picture going up 6 flights of stairs…covered in snow’    There it is….  the rest of the plan – thanks PS!!!

Returning a bit early to the parking deck, realizing he could not conjure up any snow, YHC called PAX to circle up for 5 reps of Merkins, Curls, Bent over Rows, and Skull Crushers on floor 1.   Took the stairs to floor 2 for 10 reps of the same.  3rd floor – 15  and 4th for 20.

With 2 minutes to spare YHC pulled out the PitStop Special.   Using stairs, race down to the bottom deck and race back up 6 flights to the TOP before time.




With no flag in sight, PAX performed the COT on the top deck amidst the rising sun.

Praise for working bodies and Prayers for PAX and families recovering from COVID were raised up.

YHC later learned of PitStop’s overwhelming gratefulness to YHC in how he was fully prepared to attack the measly stairs of Mercedes Benz stadium.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honor as always.  Thanks to Ace Ventura for the handoff!

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