Field work and 11s

AO: Starting Line

When: 2021-09-18

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (10): Janeway, Lifelock, Lightweight, Michael Palmer, Neph-son, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Thumbs Up, FNG(Komrad), Murdock,


Sir Mixalot, Lightweight, & Lifelock joined me at 615 for the pre ruck, it was a good pace and as always it was good to just talk, today the topic as insurance, proving you never know what will be discussed. As it got closer to 7 the PAX started rolling in.  It was great to have Murdock back in the gloom, with Thumbs up, old timer then the FNG from last week Neph-son arrived and then Janeway with his 2.0 rounded out the numbers.  It was the first time we had 10 PAX at Starting line, with 7 of them being men that started F3 at this AO. Time to mosey


Ran to a different spot then normal, near the stairs, SSH, Weedpickers, copperhead squats, Moracan niggt clubs, and Windmills were done. Time to mosey to the football field.

The Thang:

Thang1 1st and 10 Line up at the goal line Run to the 10 yard line do 10 squat jacks and 1 merkin jack Run to the other goal post then Back to the 20 yard line 9 squat jacks 2 merkin jacks Run to the Goal line Back to the 30 8 squat jacks and 3 merkin jacks Run to the goal line On till you were done Thang2 Ran back to the starting goal line then had them line up on the side lines, 5 burpees, then do a side shuffle to the goalpost then switch  sides and shuffle the rest of the way 5 Wolverines, I love my burpees in every form/variant Run back to the other side 5 Star jump burpees, then lunge to the goal post, some of the PAX, me included were still a bit sore from Wednesdays Suarez killer leg day BD, then we Bernie Sandered the rest of the way to the other side and 5 Hugh Jackmans At this point I think most of the PAX were done but, Great News!.... There was time for another Thang! Lightweight and Lifelock had to head out to get ready to catch a plane for vacation but it was great to have them there, and as part of the Pre-ruck Thang3 It was time to revisit one of my favorite parts of the AO, the mound 11s with toll paid on the top of the mound 1 V-up 3 Ranger merkins at the top of the mound 10 Reverse lunges(Alpha count) Back up to the top with 3 more ranger merkins 2 V-ups 3 Ranger merkins at the top of the mound 9 Reverse lunges(Alpha count) Back to the top 3 ranger merkins On till the 11s were done Moseyed to our normal starting point, to do Round O Mary Thang4 Round O Mary Squats, Flutter kicks, ... For some reason, the PAX kept asking for volunteers  to pick exercises, for some reason, they did not want me to pick any more exercises, I could not imagine why, insert evil laugh here. At this point it was time to call it and move to COT


Count=10 NameOrama - Naming of the FNG - This was Janeways 2.0 and we found that he had been going to military school, and learning Russian, someone mentioned Komrad, and that is where we ended up, so welcome to F3 - Komrad, we hope to see you in the gloom any time you are in town. Pray Request Thumbs Up asked for pray for his neighbor dealing with COVID Murdock asked for prayer for all the healthworks, nurse and doctors Acceleration point With all the talk about living third and putting God first, then community/family next then you follow after, the challenge was  put out to find a way to put your M before you focus on her/find a way to bless her, and the PAX that were younger to find a way to bless there mom. We then ended with a Ball of men and pray Time for coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria time, and thanks to Sir Mixalot it was time for Java We hung out and caught up and discussed that just like Firehouse had HIM that helped push/encourage the growth of that AO, in the form of Ace Ventura, Dunshire, Suarez and others, then Ace took over as siteQ there to allow me to focus on Starting Line, Starting Line is now well on that path too, with Suarez, Sir Mixalot, Beeline, Dunshire, and others (lightweight also included) really helping this AO grow too. I cannot stress how blessed I am to know all these HIM. With a good workout and some coffee in the Belly it was time to start the day. Last Note I wanted to add in something Janeway shared in Slack after the BD "Thanks for welcoming 2.0 Komrad to Starting Line this morning; he said that every weekend he is home from Riverside Military Academy he will join Starting Line Sat AMs.  Afterward Komrad kindly and gently said to me, "that was just a warm-up compared to what I have to do every morning at RMA." :grinning:  It was an AMAZING father-son (1.0-2.0?) bonding experience as actually fell back about half the time through the workout to put his hand on my back as I ran to keep me at a better pace and also placed his hand under my chest to encourage the push-ups (whatever F3 calls those).  I've never known him to be so mature and self-less, and I've never been prouder.  There were other times, like the last exercise on the hill, where he said, "Dad, you're on your own; I'm going this on full-on and more."  He loved the experience and plans to be back when in town.  Thanks to all!"

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