Monday Smorgasbord

AO: Badapple

When: 2021-09-13

QIC: Heidi

PAX (13): Devito, goat, Heidi, Legos, Outhouse, Pass Interference, Ponyboy, Rusty, Skeeter, Snax, Sprocket, White Claw, Zima


A little embarrassed how long it took an IT guy to find the /bb page to post the BackBlasts... It's a Monday and its been a bit since I Q'd.  It was a nice morning for a low key workout.


Stuck with the basics... SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers

The Thang:

Round 1: Started off with a mosey around the track to the Pull Up bars, it was time for a Morning call... 2 PAX did 5 pull ups while the remaining PAX did merkins on the same count.  We were 13 strong today, so in White Claw fashion he jumped in for a second round so the 13th man wouldn't be alone. Bear crawled our way over to the sit up station, heard a lot of chatter about the rocks hurting some precious hands... Lunge walk was offered up as an alternative. Round 2: While one PAX did 10 Big Boys the other PAX were doing Peter Parkers on the same count, 2/3 of the way through we switched to Freddy Mercuries. Mosey down to the back parking lot Round 3: Lunge walk to the end of the parking lot.  After 10 (Alpha count) lunges PAX dropped for 10 merkins, repeat sequence until the end of the lot was reached. Round 4: Time for some B.O.M.B.S. or actually think turned out to be a B.O.M.B.  PAX paired up, one PAX did the exercise while the other PAX ran a lap (or ZIMA hill, it was up to the runner).
  • Burpees (50)
  • Outlaws (100)
  • Merkins (150)
  • Big Boys (200)
  • Squats (250)
Time was running short so we wrapped up the exercise you were on, believe everyone was on Big Boys. We got back to the Flag in time for a couple minutes of pain brought by Goat.


  • Prayers for Chelsea and his family
    • Check slack to find details on how help them out
  • Burpees for Autism
    • Also on slack, or hit up Devito
  • Pony Boy's Uncle and Relator friend's son
  • Goat's brother
  • Continue prayers for our families and leaders

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