Kosher Style

AO: Widowmaker

When: 2021-09-11

QIC: Sea Monkey

PAX (15): 1st rule, CATFISH, Cox, Feathers, Funyun, Morphine, NRA, OverDraft, Pusher, Sea Monkey, Speedo, YouTube, Zohan, Pepsi, Write-off


I told my dad, Zohan, that I wanted to Q for my birthday. I like F3 and I thought my birthday would be a great opportunity to lead a workout. The only problem was - I had no idea what to do! I only knew two things - I don't want to do any burpees and I don't want to go to the widowmaker. I guess that's also a start. It took me a few days to even come up with some ideas and my dad and I worked on it until I felt it was good enough for the group. I wrote down what was needed on the board of pain and hoped it will work out well.


I gave a disclaimer and started my workout Mosey to the top of the parking lot 13 SSH's 13 Squats 13 Imperial walkers 13 Weedpickers (too bad I dont do it in my yard) and 13 baby arm circles. Can you figure out why everything was 13? That number is going to come back again.

The Thang:

We ran to the soccer field (the corner near the gate) and set up the board of pain Set 1: 13 Shoulder taps (Alpha count) 13 Merkins 13 Mountain climbers (Alpha count) 13 Plank jacks Mosey around the field set 2: 13 Jump squats 13 Backwards lunges (Alpha count) 13 Monkey humpers 13 Hillbillys (Alpha count) Mosey around the lot set 3: 13 Crab cakes (Alpha count) 13 Lbc's 13 Peter parkers (Alpha count) 13 Gas pumpers Mosey around the field and plank for the six Rinse and Repeat 3 times ^ There was much complaining, which I took as a sign of a well planned workout! Mosey to the coupon pile and do curls 39 In cadence (curls 45 but instead 39) do 39 step ups (Alpha count) in the pavilion and Erkins till everyone finished, return the coupon and mosey to the bottom of the parking lot. 13 burpees at the bottomĀ  (I know I went back on my promise but there was extra time) Figured out how come 13 of each yet?

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor to lead and I hope I can do it again in the near future, but one things for sure, it was a lot of fun to lead the workout.

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