Fun & Games

AO: Grindstone

When: 2021-09-06

QIC: Whiz

PAX (4): Crab Cake, Swiper, Whiz, FNG - Ribeye


The chatter on slack leading up to this labor day beatdown went from anticipating an epic ultimate frisbee rematch to a low single digit audible with many PAX out on IR or traveling for the holiday.  No matter...YHC was prepared to make things interesting since we had more daylight than we're used to.


Quick lap around the back parking lot to greet the folks rolling in for the cricket tournament and back to the flag for the disclaimer and some SSH, weed picker, windmill, sprinkler, and good morning IC. Pop the hatch on the Whizmobile and retrieve the frisbee and basketball YHC brought to the party. Mosey over to the basketball courts where Crab Cake and FNG fondly discussed eating ribeye steaks at 10 o'clock the night before.  Wonder if anyone will come to regret this choice later?

The Thang:

Thang 1:  F3 Basketball The low PAX count actually made this much better than it would be with a bunch of dudes.  Each PAX took a shot at each marker outside the paint including the free throw line as well as at five spots along the 3 point line and a final half court shot to cap it off.  Each missed shot would add either 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 reps to the exercise due at the location.
  • Station 1 - hugh jackman x 1 for each miss
  • Station 2 - wolverine x 1 for each miss
  • Station 3 - burpee x 2 for each miss
  • Station 4 - burpee x 2 for each miss
  • Station 5 (free throw) - 5 merkins for each miss
  • PAX went back down stations 4-1 on the other side of the paint with the same exercises
  • Station 6 - mountain climber x 10 for each miss
  • Station 7 - plank jack x 10 for each miss
  • Station 8 - LBC x 20 for each miss
  • Station 9 - jump squat x 10 for each miss
  • Station 10 - crunchy frog x 10 for each miss
  • Station 11 (half court) - star jump x 50 unless one PAX made it (which didn't happen)
Turns out it takes a few shots to knock the rust off and it keeps getting harder to shoot the more burpees and merkins you do...go figure. Thang 2:  chase the frisbee PAX headed over the grassy knoll behind the baseball fields for the thang we've discussed but never actually did. Each PAX took a turn throwing the frisbee as far as they could.  PAX are to sprint after it while in the air and then lunge walk the rest of the way once it lands.  PAX owe 3 burpees and 5 merkins upon arrival.  Round 1 was up the hill and round 2 was back down with a change-up to bear crawling and 5 merkins and 10 sumo squats. It was about this time that the FNG earned his namesake by making a pitstop by a wayward tree to splash merlot, er ribeye rather. Thang 3: Mosey over to the kick wall by the football fields to finish with some wall sits and donkey kicks.  YHC devised a very poor plan here and wound-up making Swiper and FNG do more reps than the rest...sorry!  Last stop at the concession building to introduce FNG to a true F3 staple - BTTW.  One partner holds BTTW while the other does 10 dying cockroaches for 2 rounds.


Prayers for safe travels and healing for injured PAX.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was a bit disappointed with the low turnout at first but this was a blast and the fellowship really does shine in smaller groups.

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