IPC Week 0

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/01/2021


PAX (13): Switch, Backside, Echo, Corky, Sellout, Blue, Norm, Vanilla, AFLAC, Squeegee, Bear, Choo-Choo, Meltdown


YHC was running on minimal sleep on the heels of a Primus concert the night prior and didn’t do much planning for this one.  Thus, IPC Week 0 presented an easy out.


None today, beyond a short run to the lake loop.

The Thang:

Once reaching the lake, Q provided PAX with the following instructions:

  • Start with 100 Merkins, then run 800m (twice around the lake).
  • Perform 75 Merkins, then run 1200m (three times around the lake).
  • Perform 50 Merkins, then run 1600m (four times around the lake).
  • Finish with 25 Merkins and run 2000m (five times around the lake).

At that point, PAX were on their own for the next 40 minutes.

Early finishers continued to mosey and perform Mary for extra credit.  Q called time at 0613 and provided remaining PAX with an option to stay until finished, while directing all finished PAX back to the flag.


  • Prayers for those recovering from Hurricane Ida, and for our servicemembers returning from Afghanistan.

AFLAC out.

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