Choices and Consequences

AO: The Hooch

When: 09/01/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (20): Soft Serve, Bo Knows, Wingnut, Birdie, Hockey, Animal, Stickers, Decaf, Sunshine, Angus, Ready Mix, Ballboy, Puff Daddy, McGuire, Zima, Sonic, Meatball, Jeston, Cookie, Zohan


I had this Q planned for quite some time. Wanted to try it out at Hall of Justice but it ended up we were only 2 that day so I modified. Then I wanted to do it at Caney Creek, but I fartsacked my own Q. So yesterday I grabbed the Q when I realized there’s an opening, grateful for this opportunity.


Mosey in the parking lot, with some side shuffles and ass kickers. Circle up for the 6 holding very low squat. Some Weed Pickers, Baby Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, Squats and Hillbillies.

The Thang:

Part 1

Circled up at the movie theater. YHC called out 3 exercises – Merkins, Jump Squats and Flatter Kicks (alpha count). Each PAX can choose their own combination for the total of 100 reps. Some, let’s call them Meatballs, did more. The PAX were asked to remember how many they did of each. For example, YHC did 30 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats and 50 Flatter Kicks.

Then we did some escalating sprints at the parking lot.

Circled up again at the theater and YHC explained – sometimes our choices come back to haunt us. Do we have regrets? Had we known, would we have done it differently?

Rinse and Repeat the workout, but this time no choice – whatever you did in the first part you do again.

Repeat on the sprints as well.

Part 2

Moseyed across the parking lot to the pavilion. 3 new exercises – Peter Parker (alpha count), Bonnie Blairs (alpha count) and LBCs. Again a total of 100.

Active recovery with 1 minute of BTTW.

YHC called to partner up and explained – Our choices may have unintended consequences that impact our friends and family. This time your partner will do whatever you did a moment ago. For example, Bridie repeated my 20 Peter Parkers, 20 Bonnie Blairs and 60 LBCs, why I did 20, 20, 30 and then 20 more Peter Parkers and 10 more Bonnie Blairs.

Part 3

Moseyed to the flag and partnered up again. The 3 exercises for this round were Burpees, BBSU and Shoulder Taps (alpha count). Each PAX gets to tell their partner what to do.

YHC consulted with Soft Serve, and to accommodate health issues asked him to do 1 Burpee, 39 crunches (modified from BBSU) and 60 Shoulder Taps. Soft Serve asked me to do 25 Burpees, 25 Shoulder Taps and 50 BBSU.

At the end YHC explained that this round was about our leadership. Did we listen to our partner? How did we decide what to ask of them?


Finished with some Freddie Mercuries, Gas Pumpers and Rosalitas.



Prayers for all those affected by the storm, those who are sick and those still trapped in Afghanistan.

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