Solo BD, trying out a potential new AO


When: 08/31/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (1): Zohan


Some time ago I think it was Ha-Ha who asked to think of possible locations for a new AO between Rubicon and Hooch. Obviously Newtown Park came up but YHC thought to try a smaller park called Rock Mill Park which serves as an entrance to the Green Trail and is located on Kimball Bridge rd, close to the intersection with North Point pkwy.

Not wanting to do the IPC again after yesterday, YHC thought that today would be a good day to try it out. Announcement was made on Slack and one SC was made.

Arrived to the location a few min early to find a very dark parking lot. Not much in the way of lighting. Decides I’ll start with a run so put on the alien lights and waited a few min just in case someone will come.

5:30 sharp a car is coming fast into the parking lot and… continues behind a building. Not an F3 person. YHC starts his watch.


No WOR for me.

The Thang:

Started by running out of the park, in a nearby parking lot and up toward Royal blvd and North Point pkwy. There’s a moderate elevation and some real nice parking lots. A mile later I was back in the park and continued to run a loop in the Green trail. YHC night vision isn’t much and my headlight didn’t work, but the sky were bright just enough.

Came back to the car and pulled out a cinder block. 20 curls at one of the pavilions. Cusack to were YHC thought the other pavilion was but really wasn’t and did 20 more curls. Cusack to were the pavilion actually is for 20 more curls, Cusack back to the first pavilion and 20 more curls.

Left the cinder aside and walked to a (very) small amphitheater. 20 Dips. In Derkin position, starting in the middle, shuffle to the side of the steps. 20 Step Ups. Shuffle back. 20 Step Ups. 20 Dips.

Returned to the cinder. Bear Crawl a distance while pulling the cinder under me, alternating hands each time. reaching the Restroom building, YHC wanted to try a stupid idea – BTTW with the cinder next to me, then “stepping up” to the cinder. That was a fail. YHC couldn’t do it without fearing of bashing his face on the cinder and I grew quite attached to my face. I even shaved yesterday. Modified by changing position to a Derkin on a low wall and doing step up with my hands. That sucked, but was doable. Lunged back with the coupon the distance I previously Bear Crawled, counting 57 slow and painful steps. Added 3 more because round numbers are important.

With a few min left for Mary did 40 Butterfly Situps and then a mix of LBCs and Pickle Pointers, though they don’t feel the same without an appreciative crowd.


YHC sometimes fights feeling inadequate and not up to the tasks I need to do for my family. Am I leading right? Living right?

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Rock Mill is a nice park with clear potential. YHC couldn’t find good coupon piles – one was Nacho appropriate and the other Windjammer approved (read: too big, too small). That’s hardly a deal breaker, of course.

Real question would be – who’ll take a lead starting a new AO there or elsewhere? YHC has other plans involving Rucks and Q Source. Our region is “blocked” from 3 sides at least, bordering Cherokee, ATL and Gwinnett. At some point the northern part (Firehouse and up) may also split, and then the Alpha would only be able to go Deeper. As it should – there are still many unserved men out there.

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