Wheel of Misfortune

AO: Jericho

When: 08/27/2021

QIC: Emeril

PAX (15): @Deuce, @Snowman, @Inseam, @Benny, @CrabCake, @ValleyGirl, @Schneider, @Spitvalve, @Fungi, @MrHand, @Goldberg, @Conair, @Depends (FNG), @Juicy (FNG)


A 7 Pax prerun teed up a nice 15Pax beat down with far too much running than was reasonable or necessary, but we got her did.


Mosey to the lower parking lot for a nice circle up warm-o-rama:

15 side straddle hops

10 willy mays hays

15 moroccan night clubs

10 weed pickers

Then another mosey around Midways finest dining establishments over to the football field.

The Thang:

Wheel of Misfortune began with a spin of the digital wheel

(yes, I have TMobile….don’t @ me)

Pax then performed the chosen exercise at the 25 and returned, spin the wheel again 50 and returned, 75 (yes its a thing), and opposite goal line. A beatdown of elephantine proportions:

After doing this twice, we circled up for a Hugh Jackman Circle of Pain.

This is when Wheel number 2 made his appearance, with new more exciting choices such as Bonnie Blairs.

We capped off wheel number 2 with a wolverine Circle of Pain (pour some out for Hushpuppy and Whiz).

Back to the flag for a little American Hammer and we were wrapped.



Two FNGs to name, welcome @Juicy and @Depends.

Prayer requests:

  • Lift up Snowman’s family
  • Prayers for Dumpster and family
  • Spitvalve work stuff today


Naked-Man Moleskin:

I thoroughly enjoyed the gloom this morning and hopefully everyone can forgive the excess mileage we may have had peppered into this mornings beatdown!

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