Tug o what

AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/26/2021

QIC: Shiner

PAX (12): shiner, spandex, speedo, ironhead, firedrill, dc, cheneral, tarheel, bigshort, brownie, scratchoff, delicious


Dedicate this workout to my older brother whose birthday is today.  He is a strugglin artist living up in NY.  Good ole Hippie guy. Don’t tell him that though, he hates that word for some reason.

Also, dedicated to Mother Teresa!  Today is her birthday.  Most of her life people thought it was August 27th and she never corrected them because of her tremendous humility and the fact that 27th was her baptism date so she considered that the day she was truly born.


Little mosey a couple times around parking lot and then 26ssh, 10 weed pickers, and 10 windmills.  This was about the only successful exercise of the day.  Ship started sinking real quick after this.

The Thang:

Mosey to field and grabbed some oversized cinders on the way.

Four corners, 5 blockies at each or 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 dips on bench.  Lots of strange looks at the cardboard boxes and rope.  No worries, surely Shiner has practiced with the cardboard and rope and whatever he has planned will work.  Not!

Plan was to have half the guys pull other half on cardboard and then switch.  Epic fail.  Only worked with one person on cardboard.  Otherwise folks were slidin around like jack and jill after fetchin a pail of whisky!

Next plan was to push soccer goals in a little race.  Well, after pull fail gotta have push fail.  Goals didn’t move.  Too wet, too tangly, too wacky of an idea by Shiner!

Ship is now officially sinking so surely some up hill crawl bears will get us goin.  I thought this went decently well but Ironhead lost his wedding band so I’ll call this fail #3.

Then mosey to the field for some good ole tug o war.  We did it but I’m sure hands are hurtin cuz rope was way too thin for this.

Finsih up with soccer and 5 blockies for other team when you score.  I aked Brownie and Firedrill to get the small goals from across the field but of course they were both broke so just getting the goals setup was a struggle and I’m sure they were both cussin me the whole drive home.  Then I quickly realized it was too dark for this but we already started so I was in full prayer mode to just make it to 6 with no one getting hurt.

I think it was a 1,1 tie but really don’t know cuz couldn’t see anything.  Fail #4

mosey to flag and Brownie led some Mary.



I apologized to the group for the failed exercises.  Tried to laugh it off but was truly embarrassing.  I try to keep it interesting and make it a good workout.  Today tried a little too hard.

Gave a little truth nugget and told guys I have been tryin not to vent about all my struggles as much but that doesn’t mean they are not there.  Physical and mental struggles including neuropathy in my feet and tinnitus in my ears enough to drive a sane man crazy. I just keep leanin on Jesus and he keeps holdin me up!!

Quoted Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Praying for Dreamers little girl Juniper Ann and prayed out the group.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead this tremendous group of guys.  I feel like I let them down today by not giving them as good a workout as they deserve.  If you are gonna get up that early it needs to be worth while.  I will Q again soon and keep the shenanigans to a minimum.  I’ll learn from this and do better goin forward for sure.

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