Marine Corps Training

AO: Firehouse

When: 08/26/2021

QIC: Napalm

PAX (11): Napalm Ace Ventura Script Kiddie Suarez Lightweight Lifelock Flanders Schneider FNG (Athlete's Foot) FNG (Toothbrush) FNG (Short Sale)


On Slack the night before, a turf was started as Flanders (former Army) and Napalm (former Marine) poked fun at each other about their preference of military branches.

The normal crew showed up a little early and chatted while stretching.  5:30, time to start mosey.


Napalm chose to mosey to a new warm up spot (if 5 Qs out of last 6 have chose a different location, can we call it the normal warmup spot anymore?).  During warmup, not one…. not two… but THREE FNGs show up about 2-3 minutes late.  They had all seen a recent post Ace Ventura put on a local community page online and wanted to accelerate their fitness.  Excitement entered the air as we had a large number of new guys looking to accelerate, and couldn’t let them down.

Warm-up included:

Side Straddle Hops

Michael Phelps

Sun Gods



PAX then took the long mosey (with Schneider and Ace Ventura staying back to pick up the six of FNGs) to the field to begin the work.

The Thang:

PAX instructed to pick up a Cinder Block (NOOOOOOO, NOT CINDER BLOCKS) on the way to field.

PAX were paired up, and a form of Doras were done as follows:

Round 1: One PAX inch worms (completed with a merkin) to the first cone and back, while the other PAX does overhead press with their coupon.

Round 2: 50 M zig zag run through cones while partner does goblet squats with their coupon.

Round 3: Bernie Sanders run through cones zig zag while partner does dips on two coupons.

Round 4: Farmer carry coupons 50M across field (straight line) while partner does burpees.

Mary was conducted to pick up six, to include WW2 sit ups and Dirty Dogs.

Extra credit, since there was more time was one PAX run all the way to goal line and back, while other does lunges with coupon.



PAX did Indian run around parking lot, but while passing a coupon from front to back, then back PAX has to run ahead with block.


Naming of three FNGs took us a little past time, but that’s the kind of problem we like to have.

First FNG was named Athlete’s Foot, for he likes to run a lot.

Second FNG was named Short Sale, as he is in the mortgage business.

Third FNG is also in the mortgage business, but we had already used up our best mortgage name.  This FNG is from Alabama, so Flanders suggested Toothbrush, because as he put it “it had to be invented there, as anywhere else it would have been named teethbrush”.  After we were able to finally stop laughing, FNG was officially given this name.


Prayers were given to Schneider’s granddaughter suffering from a broken arm and to the people (US or not) in Afghanistan suffering through the current crisis there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX gathered for coffee afterwards and got to know the (now former) FNGs a bit better.

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