Welcome To The Jungle

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/25/2021

QIC: Meatball

PAX (11): Wingnut, Ready-mix, Sunshine, Sonic, Saint2O, Angus, Mcguire, Jetson, Ballboy, Animal, Meatball


PAX were told the night before to bring a headlamp and older shoes so some of the guys in the group knew what we were up to in the gloom to come. I believe the warning scared about half of our group but we were still 11 strong on a VERY MUGGY 74 degree morning. 3 for a pre run – Ballboy, Animal and Saint2O.


Began with a mosey to the bakery, PAX circled up for 15 Side Straddle Hops and we’re off to the next warm up station at Perimeter Church parking lot for 10 weed pickers, 15 windmills. Continue with a mosey, getting closer to our final destination for the THANG. End warm-o-rama with 15 Good Mornings and Quad stretches.

The Thang:

After a .50 mile mosey with warm up we made it to the back corner of Perimeter church’s parking lot where you continue into the very dark gloom at the top of our Hill. Headlamps on, music ready, grab a partner. Winky’s spread out on the ground and were ready for some DORA. One partner runs down the hill (be careful because it’s not exactly flat and smooth, we are now going off the road and in what feels like a  jungle) other partner begins the exercises. Switch when partner A gets back from their run. This hill is fun!

100 Star Jumps

150 Merkins

200 Single Count Lunges

150 BIg Boys

100 Burpees

This one pushed us all to the limits and now we need to make it back for COT. Quick 10 count and were off moseying back to the flag. Q stops for a quick circle and we do 15 monkey humpers to let some of the group catch up. We continue another .25 miles back to the bakery for some lunges and to give the lungs a break. Were all drenched in sweat a long time ago but it feels like we gained weight from the looks of it. Last mosey across the lines in the parking lot and we stop everyone for 3 squats and make it back to the flag just on time.


Prayers for Wingnut with house under contract and the build of his new one in Lake Oconee. General prayers for our country, in Afghanistan and at home for Covid. Prayers for some of the PAX who are dealing with covid that they recovery quickly.

Loved leading this group today! Always encouraging to see a group of HIMS growing and working together. Love my F3 brothers and were blessed to have each other.

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