Yacht Rock Revue

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/23/2021


PAX (21): Ozzy, Raider, Yankee, Kiffin, One Call, Juul, Choo-choo, Corky, Sellout, Squeak, Crab Legs, Yao-Ming, Circus, Boomstick, Foley, Donor, Caffeine, Norm, Catheter, AFLAC, Meltdown


YHC attended the Yacht Rock Revue concert in 2019 with the MW crew (neighbor’s cousin is the lead singer), and apparently had a pretty good time according to all reports.  With the band making a 2021 return to Chastain next Saturday, YHC decided to kick the week off right with a tribute setlist that could easily result in carnage, depending attending PAX’s knowledge of 70’s and 80’s classics.


Short mosey up the main road with a quick stop at the parking lot for the following:

  • SSH’s
  • Hill Billy’s
  • Abe Vigoda’s

The Thang:

Q directed all PAX to fetch a lifting coupon before gathering around the playground for some basic instructions.  Today’s routine (accompanied by an stellar Yacht Rock Revue setlist) would consist of a basic circuit comprised of the following:

  • Short mosey to the base of big hill.
  • 20 Monkey Humpers, then run to top of hill.
  • 20 Merkins, then return to the playground and perform varied coupon exercises for the six.

Pretty easy, save for a minor wrinkle that Q introduced after giving instructions – if NO PAX could guess the artist within 10 seconds of the start of each song, there would be a 15 Burpee penalty for everyone prior to executing the circuit.  With Sell-out in attendance, PAX were pretty confident that it would be a cruiser.

Q had every intention of starting out with an obvious classic, but mistakenly hit the “shuffle” button which queued-up the rather obscure “Lotta Love” by Nicolette Larson.  After 10 generous seconds of blank stares and everyone looking at Sell-out, it was time for 15 Burpees.

Q wasn’t sure if PAX would tolerate a Burpee-fest of non-stop circuits, so he made sure to re-order the setlist with some less obscure choices.  At that point, PAX started to get on a roll with One-Call, Boomstick, Yankee, and Raider carrying the day.  Q did provide Sell-out with an obvious opportunity for salvation, but he couldn’t quite get “Starbuck” off the tip of his tongue, which meant 15 more Burpees for everyone.

Couple points of order:

  • Q rules that “Greatest American Hero” was a trick question, because the artist/lyricist/composer were 3 different people.  PAX did not protest.
  • Yankee employed a wise strategy of guessing “Michael McDonald” or “Loggins & Messina” on every song, which netted him an easy win.
  • Boomstick nailed “Brandy (You’re a fine girl)” by Looking Glass in record time.

Full setlist (didn’t get through the entire thing):


  • Boomstick turns 50 “sometime this Fall”.  If anyone knows the actual date, speak up.
  • Prayers for those suffering in Afghanistan and beyond.  Please check Slack (#mumblechatter) for some very good charity options posted by Caffeine.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always enjoying inspiring these mean to suffer, sweat like hell, and laugh the entire time in doing so.

AFLAC out.

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