We’re starting when?

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/18/2021


PAX (14): Cox, Funyun, Stu, Surely, WTF, Cookie, Walkie Talkie, Milli Vanilli, False Start, Dr. Rico, Cart Path, Townie, Uga


Amidst ongoing protests over the new start time, 14 pax showed up for a Windjammer beatdown at 0530. Not much of a theme, just full-body workout with the music of the Boss to add some inspiration and motivation in the gloom.


After a brief mosey and warm-ups of SSH’s, weed-pickers and arm circles, the group moseyed to the sports park for the beatdown.

The Thang:

Workout consisted of 40 reps of merkins, squats and American hammers followed by a bear crawl and short sprint. It was repeated at 30/20/10 reps of each.

The next round consisted of dips, step ups and Freddie Mercury’s, followed by a crab walk to and from half-court. (Same 40/30/20/10)

Beatdown concluded with 11s (though ended up being 7s due to time constraints) – run down the hill for Bobby Hurleys and Bernie back up for monkey humpers.

As a peace offering and in the Windjammer spirit, False Start provided cold towels and (virgin) mimosas to the group. No word on whether the gestures will appease the Make Windjammer Great Again/0600 Workout Are For All Men crowd.


Reminder, Darth Visor CSAUP is this weekend at Fowler Park. See Slack channel for all of the details.

Praise for Cart Path who was hired to shoot Clemson football games.

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