Old School

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/19/2021

QIC: Cookie @cookie_f3

PAX (20): Millertime, Special K, Lumbergh, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Isner, Caffey, Cart Path, Fanny Pack, Ice Tea, Lil Hurt, Swipe Right, Stiff Arm, Focker, FNG Wolf & Kotter Crack


YHC’s pre-blast on Slack referenced wheelbarrowing and a few old school routines.  20 PAX answered the call and off we went.


Mosey to the pool parking lot for high knees, buttkickers, karaoke left and karaoke right.  Circle up for SSH, Imperial Walker and Weedpicker.  Now on to the main event.

The Thang:

Head to the track around the baseball field for an oldie but a goodie… 3 MAN RELAY 

  • partner up into 3 man teams
  • partner A runs ahead, partner B does 10 Merkins, partner C is holding his legs doing squats, alternating the count
  • once rep count of 10 is complete, go catch your partner, with the runner planking when he hears his name
  •  partner A now does merkins, partner B now holds & C runs
  • 2 full laps completed

Now off to the Field of Dreams for another classic.  MUCHO CHESTO CYCLE

  • 10 merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st
  • 10 diamond at 1st, crab walk to 2nd
  • 10 wide merkins at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
  • 10 stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
  • 10 opposite stagger at home

Take a lap around the field, then rinse and repeat.  Eventually we would mosey back to the flag for 3 minutes of rotating Mary.


Prayers were spoken for Trebek’s family member fighting Covid.  Prayers for Thrasher, our F3 Cherokee brother battling another round of cancer.  Announcement for the Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP this weekend.  Crack spoke a few words about his late uncle, Randy Fail aka Darth Visor.  We closed out with being thankful for the ability to do what we do.  Coffeeteria and TNT followed.  Special K brought a message about doing the little things that add up to big wins.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Of course with Crack back in the gloom, the mumblechatter was taken to a whole another level.  The best line of the morning came from Crack himself during our bear crawl routine, saying “Has Mufasa posted out here in a while?”, with the PAX replying “No”.  Crack followed up with “After watching all of this bear crawl form, I can tell”.  Good to have him back in the Gloom.  And welcome FNG Wolf, Eh’d by Swipe Right.  He worked on wall street in NYC hence the name.


Always an honor to lead.


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