Hubs, spokes, slides and…Cinnamon?

AO: The Norseman

QIC: Callahan

PAX (15): TMI, Catfish, Untouchable, Bottom Bunk, T.O., Dr. Rico, Ha-Ha, Beaker, Nacho Libre, Blistex, Jethro, Crikey, Huckleberry, Walkie Talkie, Callahan


A lovely humid morning brought the PAX out for a party. It was teased that we would be examining the newest installation at our AO, and we would examine indeed.

Mosey up the hill to the main parking lot by the softball fields and circle up by the old playground. Pay no attention to the caution tape, or the massive hole behind YHC. Quick dose of SSH, week pickers, hillbillies.

The Thang:

The City of Alpharetta used some of our hard earned tax dollars for a playground refresh at the Norseman (we were not brought in for the vote, the conceptual design, or the 24 inches of mulch that these crazy goons decided to drop in). I digress. We can’t sit idly by as new installations at our home AO go untouched. Do we act like they aren’t there…do we assume they’re safe for kids or even big kids like Dr. Rico?? NO! Assumptions make you weak. Therefore, it’s up to the Norseman to pressure test such things. Here’s what went down.

Hub and spoke format workout. Central hub and four spokes going out from the hub. At each station (hub included), there were three exercises listed by a lantern. Pick any one of hte three, and perform however many reps the PAX chose. Recommendation of 10, but others could push past this if so desired. This would be an on your own style workout. No set route, no set exercises in order. Push yourself and try and finish all exercises at each station.

Start at the hub, perform an exercise, then go to a spoke. Return to hub, perform an exercise, go to another spoke. After each spoke, we returned to the hub…you get the picture. Run between each hub/spoke. Here were the options:

Hub exercises – Merkin, squat, LBC

Spoke by playground – Swerkins, go down the slide (over/under on Rico was at 4 going down the slides and the over was achieved I believe), step ups

Spoke on Football Field – Bonnie Blairs (A.C.), Carolina Drydocks, Run to the opposite goal line and back

Spoke between Softball Fields – SSH, Jump Squat, Dying Cockroaches

Spoke by Pavilion – Donkey Kicks, Big boy situps, wide merkins

Rico with the Cinnamon reference from Tuesday…if you know, you know. Finished up and headed back to the flag for a short round of Mary. Freddie Mercury, Obliques, T-bombs.


Prayers for Afghanistan and Haiti. Praise to get TMI back after injury and prayers for continued recovery. Prayers for an F3 brother whose name escapes me, but is dealing with the loss of family members. Lord, heal our world…in the absence of Jesus, we see what the enemy desires. Confusion, disregard for life, and pain. Lord, heal our world.

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