Another Ace Ventura station beatdown

AO: Firehouse

When: 08/19/2021

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (7): Ace Ventura Suarez Script Kiddie Lightweight Lifelock Zuckerburg Flanders


YHC showed up at 5:22 AM.  Script Kiddie was completing his pre-run.  Flag was planted, stations set up.  Time to mosey.


Mosey to the normal warm up spot.

Side-straddle hops – 10

Hillbillies – 10

Willie Mays Hays – 10

Weed pickers – 10

Moroccan Night Clubs – 10

The Thang:

6 stations were set up.  PAX took a station, and rotated clockwise. 60 seconds exercise, 20 second rest, then a 60 second rest at end of full rotation of stations.  Then conduct the 2nd exercise on the sheet at each station, and so on.

Station 1: Arm

Merkins, Bicep Curls, Tricep extensions, Carolina dry docks

Station 2: Movement

Burpees, bear crawls, Side-straddle hops, Frog jumps

Station 3: Legs

Squats, Lunges, Copperhead Squats, Reverse Lunges

Station 4: Jump Rope

Jump Rope (all 4 rotations)

Station 5: Abs

WW2 Sit ups, V-up/Y-up, American Hammers, LBCs

Station 6: Agility ladders

2 foot runs, Icky shuffle, side-straddle hops, 2 foot hops


After completion of all stations, a short bout of sprints, then circle for Mary.

Suarez – Windshield Wipers

Lightweight – Leg Raises




PAX did name-o-rama.

6th man was giving to first time visitor at the Firehouse, Flanders.  He talked about his family, his wife being pregnant, and that he is a Physical therapist and a veteran of the US Army.

MOC was Ace Ventura: “No man is free if he is not master of himself”.

Prayers were given to Ace Ventura’s nephew and Zuckerburg’s friend who are both positive with COVID19.  Additional prayers were added to Dumpster’s daughter, who is struggling with seizures.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX met for coffee and discussed health, the CSAUP for Darth Visor, and the tragic and sad situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

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