Stairmaster 5000

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 08/13/2021

QIC: Brimstone

PAX (4): Thud, 8-bit, Breezy, Brimstone


Week 3 of the Crabapple FBC Ruck, and we tried out Friday from 5:30-6:15am. We had had a few UA’s this morning, but 4 PAX posted in the gloom for a Brimstone Q!


The Thang:

The Q went for elevation (which means stairs in downtown Milton) with some added pain stations.

We departed from the Shovel Flag and rucked up the concrete stairs to the left of the church. At the top of the stairs we dropped to our six and did 20 flutter kicks with ruck overhead in cadence (4 count).

We rucked back down the concrete stairs, and made our way over to the green staircase on the left side of the building. At the top of those stairs we did 10 thrusters with our ruck in cadence.

Rucked back down that staircase, and made our way down the stairs to the fire pit area by the gym. There were pre-set coupons (cinders) on the benches, so we took our rucks off and did 20 (4 count) bench presses. Rucks back on, placed the cinders behind the gym, and made our way up the staircase across the backside of the church.

Made our way up another staircase by the playgrounds, and did 15 (4 count) ruck swings in cadence (which is way too slow to do in cadence we found out).

Rucked back down those stairs and to the wheelchair ramp. We made our way up the wheelchair ramp, stopping at every other switchback for 10 rucked incline pull-ups.

Once to the top, we made our way to the bell for 20 rucked step-ups (10 each leg).

We then rucked back across the parking lot to the wood line for the shortest trail ruck in history. We cut through the 10ft of woods and into the new downtown Milton area with townhouses and shops. We rucked to Crabapple Market, which has 3 story brick shopping/food/office buildings, where our elevation journey would really begin.

After rucking up our first three flights of stairs, we each did 20 dips on the benches at the top. Made our way across the top, and went back down three flights of stairs. On to the next building.

Up another several flights of stairs, across the building, then down into the parking deck (which we decided would be great for rainy or cold weather BD’s).

Made our way out of the parking deck to another flight of stairs that YHC spotted, but alas it was closed for construction. Back to the building we just came from. Up another several flights of stairs, then down. Back to the first building.

Up several flights of stairs, wall-sit with the ruck in lap while waiting for the 6, back down the stairs. Make our way back to startex.

Arrive at startex with 3:30 left to go. Mary time. YHC led in rucked Big Boys. Thud led in merkins over the ruck, switching up hand positions. Breezy led us in side-straddle hops. 8-bit led us in rucked hip thrusts (pickle pointers?) in a church parking lot.

Time was called.

Totals (according to my watch):
1.57 miles
203ft Elevation Gain
220ft Elevation Loss
20 Floors Climbed
21 Floors Descended



We’ve tried Thursday the past 2 weeks, and are going to try Friday for the next few weeks. Already got the Qs for the next two Fridays planned:

  • 8/20 – Thud
  • 8/27 – 8-Bit

Prayer Requests

  • Praise for 8-bit’s M
  • Prayers for Thud’s 2.0

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