Bear Crawls, Triple Nickels and Other Stuff

AO: Bad Apple

When: 08/11/2021

QIC: Zima

PAX (5): Sprocket, Chalupa, The REAL Woody, Outhouse, Zima


This was one of those BDs where you struggle to come up with something and kinda make it up as you go.


1o Weedpickers

10 Monkey Humpers

10 Mtn Climbers

Danger Zone:

PAX performs side straddle hop while Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins plays in the background. Everyt ime the words danger zone are heard PAX does single jump-squat then resumes side straddle hop. End result is 3 and a half minutes of SSH with sporadic squats.

The Thang:

After warm up, brief mosey to main SAE parking lot.

Pax line up facing school. Bear crawl to every 3rd parking stripe, then do 5 merkins. Bear crawl again another 3 stripes, 5 more merkins. Rinse and repeat until end of parking lot. Next parking lot, same thing except every 3rd stripe = 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat till Q says.

Next time to mosey to the picnic benches on the other side of the basketball courts.

3 Rounds of Derkins, Dips & LBCs

Round 1: Rep count 10,20,230

Round 2: Rep count 20,30,40

Round 3: Rep count 30,40,50

Once done, mosey across SAE fields to the bottom of the infamous ZIMA Hill.

All Pax start at bottom, run to top and complete 5x called exercise, run to bottom and complete 5x called exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Exercises were:

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: Carolina Dry Docks

Round 3: Staggered Merkins

Round 4: Staggered Merkins

Round 5: Burpees

Once done with all 5 rounds, mosey back to flag just in time for 2 quick rounds of Mary.


Prayers for:

The family of Dr. Chris Jernigan who lost his battle with COVID-19

Outhouse & the mental toughness to get through the final stages of their construction

All kids starting school & those starting college like Ashlyn who will begin a new chapter in her life at Clemson. Prayers that her college career starts out with a bang.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always fun to have a little trash talking in the gloom…IYKYK

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