Another trip down route 21

AO: Firehouse

When: 08/12/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (6): Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, Lightweight, Lifelock, Napalm, Dunshire


Got to Firehouse right at 5 and very quickly after Ace rolled in ready to get the pre-run started, he had his new running shoes on ready to start the run, with a bit of run/walking under way, great job by Ace, working to get better and push more! He got a call he had to take, a call from nature that helped bring the run to an end, soon after Lightweight & lifelock showed up and just when it looked like it was going to be a party of 4, Napalm showed up. At that point it was time for the mosey to begin, we automatically headed the opposite direction of the standard mosey, causing some mumblechatter to occur, but hey it is always good to keep the PAX guessing, although we still ended up at the standard spot to start the BD, and in true Dunshire form, he rolled in as we were heading to the warm up, great to have him back in the gloom!  We then gathered up to start the warm up.


Disclaimer was given, slightly abbreviated, these guys know the drill. now on to the warm up

15 SSH
15 Weedpickers
15 Hillbillies
12 Copperhead squats
10 Windmils

Now time to start the engines for the super route 21 road trip.

The Thang:

This road trip is one I like to revisit to see how we have accelerated over the last few weeks/BDs and it had been awhile since I had the HIM take the long journey down route 21, I am sure they had not missed it, but I was excited to see how it went.

Super Route21- Start with 1Merkin, 1 Squat, & 1 Big Boy setup, at a lightpost, run to the next light post and do 2 of all three exercises, all the way up to 21 of each with a few ‘rest’ stops along the way. The total works out to be 231 of each so (231 Merkins, 231 Squats & 231 Big Boy Setups)

We got our engines going and headed out doing 1 of each exercise going up to 7 of each, at that point we got our first rest stop, although some did not see 20 WW2 setups as much of a break, but hey what can I say, to each his own right, haha,
After that we were on the road again with 8 of each exercises on to 14 of each, and our next rest stop, it was time to stretch our legs – 20 Jump squats, and more statements of what kind of rest is this, but after that it was on to the next part of the journey
15-21 of each was done and near the end the PAX were getting a bit tired, except Naplam which, shock to no one, he showed what a HIM that had been in the marines for 24 years could do TClaps for sure on that, and thanks for pushing us to complete the trip.
Once the trip was done, and in standard Super Route 21 celebration format, we did 10 Burpees to finish it of, but…..
There was one more thing to be done, we got back to the start and I re-introduced everyone to my new creation, I call it the Darkwing merkin, for now, – a modified Mickey Mouse merkin – 1 Wide Merkin, then a Diamond Merkin, then a Ranger Merking, forming a bird like shape, we did 5 of those, and at that point the trip was complete with time for a bit O Mary

Mary time
Ace called out American Hammers
Lifelock decided to go with his favorite exercise, the LBC
Dunshire called Leg raises, I think to make sure Lightweight do not get a chance to have us do 50 of them, just a guess
Lightweight decided on dying cockroaches, and with that it was 615, apologize to Napalm for not getting to call an exercises, but I know he has a Q coming up soon, so I am sure he will add in a few things then.

And with that the trip/BD came to an end and it was time for the CoT


Count was done 6 total

Nameorama completed

6th man was Napalm and he metioned his 24 years as a marine, having 3 daughters, and how he works with dirt, fun stuff and thanks for sharing.

MoC was given by Ace our resident philosopher/SiteQ  stating a quote from Plato, that we need to become more focused on assessing what we do and think and working to get better, and be a better leader, or that it what I got out of it at least.

Prayer request
Pray for Benny and the situation tied to his cousin
Prayer for the teachers, students, and everyone as we get back in routine with the new school year starting
Pray for all those dealing with COVID and healing and strength for all the healthcare professionals that are assisting in the recover/care of people.
Also one that was not mentioned but I want to add, for anyone that reads the BB, prayers for Baskins and his M as they deal with the loss of a grandmother.

Pray/Ball of men to end the BD

Great job to all that were there this morning, there was a good amount of chatter/encouragement along the way that was really great to hear and see that even through all the fatigue we each paused to help each other out, that is what F3 is all about Fitness , Fellowship and the Faith to know that as we work to encourage each other we will be better in every area of life.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The return of Coffeeteria, TClaps and Thank you to Dunshire for bring the much missed coffee back to Firehouse, it was great to set down and talk with everyone after the BD and before we headed out for the day.

Then it was off to start the day and use the energy/focus/encouragement that we got at the BD to help influence all that we come in contact with and be the best leader we can be, throughout the day. and lean in/on to our skyQ aka God to help us get a bit better today.

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