Happy Birthday Becca

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/10/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (13): Saint2O, Lil Hurt, Pinkey, Ice Tea, Focker, Updyke, False Start, Trebek, Fanny Pack, Pass Interference, Lefty, Caffey


My kid turned 12 last week and I wanted to let her design a workout or board of pain to bring out to the group. She was thrilled at the chance and after settling on a format and figuring out counts, the BECCA J was created. A call for cinders was put out since Iron PAX is on the horizon


Around the lot mosey, carioca, backwards and high knees

Weed Pickers, IW, and SSH.

The Thang:

The BECCA J uses her initials and the exicon for a circuit workout.

Starting at 10 reps we added 5 each time we started over. Also a mosey around the lot after each round.

Yes, Bicycle should be Freddy Mercury but that was the first idea she had from gym class so I went with the traditional name. That spelling is my error.
Elf on the shelf with the cinder
A Cindy routine remained the same through out with dips instead of pull ups
Curls with the cinder (Bec originally thought 5 reps is good, then 50, then 10 gajillion…that is when I decided to handle rep count)
American Hammers
Jackass Merkins: merkin with a donkey kick.
Art by Becca

We let the six catch up at 25 reps and took a break to give a murder bunny demo to those pax that have joined us since last September. Oddly enough despite many veterans only Saint and I seemed to remember how to do them. “What is Iron PAX” says Ice Tea…..We will discuss that later, we still have 10 minutes.

Everyone fits in one more round with 20 reps and we gather for some gas pumpers to time.


Prayers for those with family that are dealing with COVID. stay safe, wear a mask everyone.

Praise for the turnout at NLB for Windjammer.

Always a pleasure to lead.

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