The Chipper

AO: The Academy

When: 08/03/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (7): Millertime, Danica, White Claw, Caffey, Mayhem, Turbine, Devito


Just under a mile run around the Nest Cafe loop to start.

The Thang:

We finished our opening run around the end of the front parking lot on the far side from Maple Street Biscuit. Lucky for us someone had planted Devito’s Board of Many Pains there!  Pain du jour was The Chipper.

100 Squats
90 LBCs
80 Mountain Climbers
70 Mercans
60 Freddy Mercury
50 Lunges
40 Dry Docks
30 Muktar N’Diayas
20 Jump Squats
10 Diamond Mercans

Also included a ~ 1/4 mile run across the front of the school and 10 burpees after each exercise. The cool rain we started with had left us early into this sequence and the humidity was real, but all powered through.

Once 6 was complete, we headed back around the track to the stadium for a set of 11s OYO with dips and step-ups. And icing on the cake was an All You Got Left sprint around the track and out to the flag for a couple minutes of Mary to time.


Prayers lifting for healing from illness and injury, as well as for comfort on the loss of a grandmother.

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