Ready-Mix finally due some respect

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/09/2021

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (15): Speedo, Soft-Serve, Puff-Daddy, Birdie, Dinghy, Sugar, Feathers, Ball-Boy, Meatball, Boomer, Wingnut, Flo, Sonic, Saint 2-0, Ready-Mix


Noted that 7 out of 15 were the “over 50 club” today. Just wanted to point out that we have a TON of wisdom out there now. Thanks for everyone who showed up for my 50th Birthday Q. After 2 weeks off from Covid and quarantine, my body was ready to get back out there (at least I thought I was).


Did a short mosey lap around the retail center, then circled back up at the flag for warm ups including 10x Windmills, 10x Kevin Willis, 10x Copper Head Squats and 10x SSH.

The Thang:

Kept it simple today, because I legit wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up. Started with 11’s between the Drive Under canopy and the movie theater – Merkins and Squats, with sprints in between. Second set of 11’s cut that distance in half, and did Donkey Kicks and V-Ups, with alternating Karaoke and Bernie Sanders back and forth. Then shifted to a short 4-corners that included 5x Burpies, 10x BBSU, 15x Rosalitas, and 20x SSH. Did a short mary that included 50x Dying Cockroaches (set a record for the most ever).


Lifted up several still recovering from Covid, including my M back at home. Prayers for recovery of the rest of my family, the Scrooge family and the Feathers family. Its going around, stay safe and vigilant. Also prayed for two of Dinghy’s friends who are recovering from Covid and other ailments, as well as the first day of school for our Fulton County Schools folks.

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