Do Work

AO: The Grindstone

When: 08/09/2021

QIC: Whiz

PAX (13): Emeril, Benny, Clyde, Snowman, Swiper, Mr. Hand, Spit Valve, Crab Cake, 5-way, Olaf, Sculley, FNG (Valley Girl), Whiz


YHC found himself on the Q-sheet again for this week with a trip back to my favorite AO.  Not much in the creativity tank for this one planning the night before aside from needing to rest my legs from a long day running on the mountain yesterday.  I vaguely remember Q-ing a routine called Bearpees the a few years ago as I’m drifting off to sleep and how I can dial it up to 11 to make it even better.  The immediate desire to skip my own Q told me I was in the right ballpark for this one.

Fast forward to the gloom where 12 other studs gathered to get some including one FNG who already looked like a beast.


Mosey around the back of the football fields to the park entrance for some SSH, windmill, weed picker, and willie mays haze IC.

The Thang:

Head back from whence we came and over to the good football field where PAX were given instructions to line up on the goal line for bearpees.  The routine is simple:  bear crawl 10 yards and to 2 burpees.  Keep bear crawling 10 yards and adding 2 burpees the entire length of the field until you reach the opposite goal line and finish with 20.  I’m pretty sure the exicon has this starting with 1 and adding 1 each 10 yards down the field but there’s no way Dark Helmet  would let that fly in Fort Mill…too soft.  Some mixed mary for the six to finish.

While I was planning to rest the legs, YHC just felt like running at this point so PAX were instructed to sprint from the goal line to the 50 and then back off to a slower mosey to the opposite goal line.  Rinse and repeat but mosey to the 50 and then sprint the rest of the field to the opposite goal line.

With that out of our system, we headed over to the bleachers/benches for a no-mosey round of 11’s.  Derkins and dips…that’s it.

A little bit of time left called for some partner work on the wall.  Partner 1 does BTTW while partner 2 does 10 dying cockroach (alpha count).  Flapjack for a total of 3 rounds.

Mosey back to the flag with 2 minutes and just enough time to make it really awkward for our FNG with a round of howling monkeys to close it out…awkward for sure.


Welcome FNG Valley Girl who grew up in Illinois but moved to CA where he lived in Simi Valley for a stint.  This dude is a 50 year old beast who looks like he’s in his 30’s and only does cool stuff.  After many uninspired attempts to strike F3 naming gold, someone threw out Valley Girl and YHC seized it.

Prayers for our brother-in-arms, Sculley, who laid his late father to his final resting place today and said some words at the service.  May the Lord give him the words and the strength to honor his earthly father’s memory and may he always remember the love his F3 brothers have for him.

Prayers also for Benny’s cousin, who passed over the weekend and for his FIL’s heart surgery this week.

Prayers for both Snowman and Emeril’s job opportunities and for all the sad clowns in the area who we haven’t found yet.

Darth memorial CSAUP at Big Creek on 8/21 and the next Freed to Bleed blood drive coming-up in mid-September.  Check slack for details on both.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Inseam (who infamously HC’d and posted all over slack last night and then fartsacked) commented to “Do Work” on Strava yesterday, which is a solid mantra for life and part of the embodiment of F3.  Do work indeed brothers…



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