Shovel Flag, party of 3 and FNG

AO: Dawson

When: 08/07/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (3): Script kiddie, Sasquatch(FNG), Suarez


Got to Starting line  early and did a mix of a short run with a ruck added in and a walk around the AO to find new unused areas of the park and found one that may be used soon.  Also noted that we did not have a flag, the one borrowed from Firehouse was with a PAX that gave a soft commit and the one just created was in the hands of the scheduled QIC, thank you to Ace and Saurez.

The first PAX to show up was an FNG that reached out to me on Facebook, earlier this week, we talked for a few and  as 7AM approached, I noted that the man with the plan aka the QIC was not there, after a quick call I realized, that some fartsacking had occurred, it was then time to formulate a quick plan and start the mosey with me and the FNG… and no shovel flag, more about that later.


A quick mosey to our standard spot and disclaimer in the books it was warm up time, I spent a bit more time explaining the verbiage of F3, and each exercise, for the FNG and on to the warm up

15 SSHs

15 weed pickers

15 Copperhead squats

15 wind mills

Then time to start the BD

The Thang:


DORA (Ok not orginal but hey what better way to start a BD with me and an FNG) I took advantage of the stairs for DORAs, no tolls to pay at the landing of the steps, just run up the steps while the other PAX did the exercises

100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

At one point I decided to do additional LBCs which threw us off slightly but Sasquatch(FNG) got us back on track, and DORA was complete


11s on the mound, I really like that thing, and yes it was toll time, insert evil laughter here,

10 V-ups were done then 3 merkin jacks at the top of the hill, 1 lunge(Alpha count) at the other side

You all know the rest with tolls of 3 merkin jacks paid each time at the top of the hill.

Once Thang2 was done it was 8am

As we started the slow mosey, ok the walk back, to do the COT we saw someone with a DAD shirt on the walking path, so I had to invite him to join us some Saturday morning, hey you have to take advantage of an opportunity when it appears. I pointed out, to the person I was talking to we usually meet at the pavilion, but today there was no shovel flag, except, when I pointed in that direction there WAS a shovel flag, which lead me to believe either a shovel flag elf came and left us one for good behavior, not likely or one of the HIM that helped create the shovel flag for starting line had arrived to drop it off, ok option 2 won.  Saurez had arrived in time for the COT and Coffeeteria,  Awesome!!!
Finished talking to the potential future PAX and joined Sasquatch on the mosey to the COT


Count was done, with me adding in Saurez to the count since he had arrived with the AOs new shovel flag….We are officially official now, with major Tcalps to Ace and Suarez for creating the flag and extra TClaps to Suarez for recovering from a case of fartsacking and  coming out to bring the flag to the AO, very thankful for that, for sure!!!

Time to name the FNG, ok we already mentioned the name but due to the fact he enjoys camping and hiking and all the outdoors, Suarez mentioned the name Sasquatch, and it was quickly agreed upon.  Also great job by Sasquatch, he was feeling it but kept pushing and completed the DORAs and 11s

With that we joined in the ball of man, said a quick prayer for Students and teachers for the new school year

Ok the order of events may not be exact but that is the jest of it, as far as I remember.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was time for a quick pic with the flag and another pic of the Flag itself, which I am exited to have and even though the numbers were low we had an FNG and potential for a future FNG, so I came away excited for the future and we also discussed the upcoming expansion of Starting Line to include a Wednesday morning (5:30am BD) with a potential/probable launch date of Sept 1st.

Also added the acceleration point mentioning that we should always strive to get 1% better everyday knowing that we will not always do it right but as we work on getting better overtime things will change.

At that point it was time to head out to start the day I proudly grabbed the new shovel flag and am so thankful that we no longer need to borrow Firehouses, and am looking forward to planting it on one of the upcoming convergence.

As I start a new month and my second year with F3 I am thankful for all the men that help me improve and want to work more on accelerating in Fellowship and Faith, to be a better husband/leader/friend and help other men do the same.

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