MiltonSat Week 2

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/07/2021

QIC: Dosido

PAX (11): No-see-um, Millertime, FNG Ice-Tea (Mike Granatelli), Caffey, Lefty, Pass Interference, Special K, Pinky, Folker, Updyke, Dosido


Officially the second week at our test center in Milton, and I’m confident in saying this place no longer needs to be tested. In fact, today, talk began of naming it already. 11 PAX arrived ready to take it all on. hopefully i had a plan to satisfy…


Warmup= mosey to flag pole in front of Milton HS for the following: SSH, 7 Burpees OYO, 10 Mercans IC, 10 burpees OYO, and some stretching with weed pickers. Next up, head over to the car wherein 10 cinders were loaded and ready…

The Thang:

Thang 1:
– Partner up –
– AMRAP 20mins –

Partner A stays in place for repeating cycles of 5 blockees, 10 upright rows, 15 curls all using the cinder, Partner B runs the long lap around the front entrance grounds of Milton HS. 10 count at the conclusion of this evolution. Rifle carry the cinders about 50 yards to the side of the main building, place them neatly for later use.

Mosey to the football field/track, where there’s a hill off to the side of the stadium seating.

Thang 2:
-Partner up –
Dora 100,200,300

Partners share the reps of 100 BBSU, 200 plank jacks, 300 SSH / the run is the hill, and it was a good little hill. 10 count again given for the PAX in the six. Mosey in the general direction of the cinders we left behind earlier.

Thang 3:
buy-in= a race of 15 donkey kicks on the midfield rebounder then sprint to the cinders. MT took victory here.
4 corners in a downward spiral rep count. Start with 13 thrusters, next corner 12 mercans, next corner 11 v-ups, 4th corner 10 bonnie blairs, continue on around down to 1. With 3 mins to go all PAX brought the cinders back and loaded them into the vehicle then headed for the flag. Time called exactly as we arrived in the lot. Couldn’t have planned better myself…except that I left my phone and the speaker back in that last field. Oh well, hopefully none of the ~50 kids mulling around exactly where we finished the 4 corners were interested in a new iPhone/Bose speaker combo, cuz I wasn’t going back till the COT was done and the FNG was named. (FYI it was still there when i went back, restoring some of my faith in humanity)


Prayers for patience and wisdom dealing with teen-aged family members

Naked-Man Moleskin:

2 pre-ruckers today, caffee and myself, started at 0600 and hit 3.3mi in the trail system. Mayhem and 1 other PAX I do not know, my sincere apologies for this, arrived 0600 for a pre-run, and continued to run all the way through the BD to land in our COT at the end.

FNG Mike Granatelli was a former crossfit trainer, had taken a big-boy job sitting behind a desk and has found himself ready to get back in form again. This man is built like a tank and will have no trouble ramping into the fitness level he’s seeking; glad to meet you brother, come back again next week!

I cant wait to see the final decision on a name for this location. As there are so many options for a workout here, Millertime suggested something along the lines of Disneyland. This idea of an F3 theme park has spawned other great name options too.

it was an honor to lead today – thank you for participating and making it entertaining along the way


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