17 PAX went back to school with a Billy Madison themed BD

AO: Jericho

When: 08/06/2021

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (17): Spit Valve, Shag, Trail Bait, Con Air, Crab Cake, 5-Way, Snowman, Inseam, Baskins, Mr. Hand, Deuce, Whiz, Sassy Mom, Fungi, Chinstrap, Benny, Emeril


The PAX were given a teaser the day before this BD… “Back to school. Back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool.” They knew what was coming.


After the traditional disclaimer, PAX moseyed down to hill to the first light post for a little warm-o-rama. In cadence PAX completed good mornings, Willy Mays Hayes, weed pickers and a round of 21. Q was fully expecting at least one PAX to drop the ball on the silent count SSH portion of the 21s, but all did well enough to pass kindergarten. On to first grade…

The Thang:

PAX moseyed single file around the AO and performed an exercise to complete each grade. All PAX would fall back into line after each exercise to Mosey to the next grade. Q’s memory may be a little fuzzy on the counts and exercises for each grade as he was making it up as he went, but here’s a rough idea…

1st grade – 10 Burpees

2nd grade – 15 Star jumps

3rd grade – 20 LBCs

4th grade – 20 Merkins

5th grade – 20 Bonny Blairs

At this point it was time for recess. PAX circled up for a game of monkey, monkey, bear a la duck, duck goose. PAX formed a circle and performed monkey humpers while the PAX who was it would mosey around the circle and call monkey on each PAX until selecting one luck PAX to be the bear. At this point both PAX would race around the circle and if the selected PAX caught the other, the PAX who was it would have to go another round. Otherwise, PAX would switch roles… you know, just like duck, duck goose. Only in this case Q incorrectly described the game as monkey, monkey, crab which obviously led to confusion on the first round. The confusion was definitely to the Q’s advantage as he went first and we all know bears are faster than crabs so he won that round. After clearing up that confusion PAX continued with several exciting rounds of monkey, monkey, bear. Here’s what we learned:

  1. As previously stated, bears are faster than crabs
  2. Wet turf is slippery and can give bears a strawberry
  3. You must watch the back of your legs when humping monkeys as you never know when a bear might take you out
  4. Bears can quickly evolve to run on 2 feet in order to win

Time to continue our trip through the rest of the rest of the grades…

6th grade – 15 smurf jacks

7th grade – 20 american hammers

Grab a coupon for 8th grade – curls for the girls with coupon

Riffle carry coupon to 9th grade – overhead press

Riffle carry coupon to 10th grade – skull crushers

Return coupon before 11th grade – peter parkers

12 grade – plank jacks

Now it was time for the academic decathlon without the academic part. PAX lined up on the goal line of the football field and would sprint to the opposite goal line, deposit 5 burpees and then sprint back. PAX were asked to keep count of their progress until Q called time. Chinstrap and Deuce were the winners of this event and therefore graduated with honors.

Back to the flag for a brief round of Mary, snack packs and COT.


Remember upcoming CSAUP event in memory of Darth Visor at Big Creek on 8/21.

Prayers requested for Benny’s father in law battling heart problems, Con Air’s relative looking for relief from recent RA diagnosis, Inseam’s big day with school and work. Praise for Snowman’s successful interview and prayers for a good outcome. Apologies if Q missed any prayers or praises lifted up.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The pre-run numbers continue to be strong (11 I believe). Keep accelerating men!

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